A Stray Sheep on the ISP troubles, Life, and Entertainment

Hello from the bus! Writing yet another blog posts on my phone is tedious and I hate it. Having to finish this post in 20 minutes aka before my bus arrives at the main station, however adds a bit of spice and excitement to the process of writing a post.

As it turns out, a fuse went out and the washing machine and our internet server thingy have no power. Due to the storm, something went bad and the fuse popped, I guess. We briefly had internet after it got popped back in at noon yesterday… but since it doesn’t work anymore, we can only assume that the fuse went out again… Naturally, this would not be a big deal. I mean, popping a fuse back in is easy – I had to do it plenty of times back at home. The issue with our current situation is that the room with the fuses and stuff has been locked for whatever reason… And we can’t reach the dorm administration and janitors on the weekend, meaning we can’t fix that until Monday at earliest.

Hence, I’ll have to rely on public hotspots for the next few days to get posts out at all. I planned on releasing another review on Monday in time for the embargo but I’ll have to do that once I’m back online.

For the time being, I hence am not available really. Hence, if you left a comment, I can’t reply to it until Monday. The same thing goes for e-mails and messages.

On another note, I did download a few shows on Netflix yesterday when I found out that a grocery store nearby has also a hotspot (and no data limit, hehe) which is why I downloaded the following shows to pass some time:

  • Violet Evergarden (13 Episodes, just finished watching it today! May wanna write a review on this, it’s great!)
  • 7SEEDS (12 Episodes/Season 1, already finished watching this, too, but not sure if I’m a fan of it or not)
  • Kotaro lives alone (Episode 1 was great, haven’t downloaded the rest)
  • High-Rise Invasion (watched a few episodes but hated it, so I dropped this)
  • Yasuke (6 Episodes – excited for this one!)
  • Free! (The first season – am watching it for the first time and it’s adorable!)
  • Sweet Tooth (8 Episodes, excited for this one!)
  • Blue Period (12 Episodes, heard great things about this one but haven’t started it yet)

In terms of books, I may finally make some progress with Mushoku Tensei’s Light Novel tonight but I also feel conflicted as I don’t want a) to finish it… As that means, that it will be the end… and b) spoil the manga… As the manga still hasn’t caught up quite yet. Also, I wanna finish C.L. Lewis’ The Great Divorce finally but I haven’t had quite the time yet.

Today I’ll also have to go the library to get some of my university stuff downloaded and put on a USB or something to then get some studying done but that’s gonna have to wait as I’m currently off to a birthday party.

Hope you have a lovely rest of your day!

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