Lots of reviews this week, eh?

After having procrastinated a lot these past few weeks, I finally was able to push out a few reviews in a row and it actually felt incredibly great. I struggled a bit here and there with the introduction into the review and that little section at the beginning but at the same time, I’m glad I got some practice in. I still need to find my style when it comes to that section and what I prefer.

Overall, though, I’m happy that people seem to like my reviews on Peglin and APICO so much. I’ve been quite excited for those releases and I truly hope that my reviews help bring more eyes on these lovely games. Also, Tin Can… Is… Probably a great game and I was worried that I may have been too harsh on it but the devs retweeted my review of it, so I guess I did a good job! It’s just not my cup of tea which is fine. I see that a lot with platformers that are sent my way and I feel conflicted as I don’t want to dunk on some titles just for not being up my alley. In Tin Can’s case, though, it seemed like just my kinda game but it really wasn’t due to design choices that I don’t like personally. And that’s fine. I’m sure the feedback may help with the development of the game. Meanwhile, some people may like it despite my review and may have not heard about it otherwise.

I really am passionate about the topic and try to improve my writing style non-stop but I may have to read more reviews by other people to get some inspiration for the layout or how they begin their reviews. There are a ton of great reviewers out there that are incredibly eloquent and just fun to read. I hope I’ll reach that level eventually as well.

Being able to post a few reviews in a row like this week made me quite happy and I hope that I can continue the trend from now on, at least until my exams come up.

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