Returning to some form of “Normal”

The global pandemic isn’t over yet at all but it has calmed down a little and hence, it feels almost weird to return to how things were before. Over here in Germany, masks are only really needed in stores that want their customers to wear them and in public transport as well as hospitals, doctor’s places, and schools. There are a few other instances where masks are needed but generally speaking, it’s a lot calmer than before and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about that, especially with the pox making an appearance on the horizon (and some cities nearby).

Generally speaking, I’m a bit glad that I don’t have to wear my mask everywhere… It’s less of a restriction and more of an option and that feels quite great. I still can wear it wherever I want to wear it but I don’t necessarily have to. I still wear it in the stores and closed spaces, even if I’m in the minority there. I don’t leave my house without it and it at times feels more comfortable to wear it than to not. In fact, it feels weird not to wear it, for me, just because of how much I’m used to it. There are times when the city gets a bit crowded and I’m glad that I can wear it. The mask is my friend, lol. It’s kind of weird when you’re surrounded by people that don’t wear masks and I still, at times, get surprised to not see masks when people are out in public in a crowd… in a show… It’s an odd habit of mine but fiction got weird ever since the pandemic started.

“Wear your masks! What are you afraid of?! Staying healthy?!” – a parody/the complete opposite of someone that put something sexist in their patch notes.

And well, I don’t think that returning to “normal” is actually all that possible as this has become some sort of “normal” for us, I’d say, but it’s nice not to have to test every time you’ve been somewhere or every time you wanna go somewhere. I still test myself when I want to visit my family or when I know I’ll be somewhere with lots of elderly people (aka my philosophy classes) but again, it’s an option and not a law, meaning it’s my choice – which is great.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about this for a while now but this draft was sitting there for ages because I never found the right time for it. I kinda have run out of scheduled posts, so, I’ll need to schedule some more for the next week or so, starting tomorrow. My schedule’s been somewhat busy lately but it should be fine starting today.

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