Hardspace: Shipbreaker just released and…

…I’m so excited about it. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times on this blog already but I love this game. Whenever I feel exhausted, drained or anxious, it’s my go-to game to have a good time with and to just relax and calm down. It helps a lot with taking your mind off things and the great soundtrack, as well as the mindless labour, helps a lot with my mood. Naturally, I also just enjoy playing the game overall, which is why I wanted to maybe do a series of posts or at least a series of videos on Hardspace: Shipbreaker where I explore the story and work on that debt while I chat about all sorts of things. That’s kind of what I do in my streams anyway, so I might as well try recording myself while doing so… or rather, I’d record something off-stream and then edit it together into a bunch of videos. And well, I could make progress updates on it and link the corresponding video in blog posts. I feel like that could be cool.

Naturally, this would be another “series” on this blog and I frankly don’t really have a great track record with those. The Monster Hunter Log (here’s the first post of that series) just kind of ended when I finished the “final boss” because I didn’t play much after that, despite originally wanting to do so. I may get back into it eventually but I haven’t had the time lately for long hunts like that. Tales From Eorzea (again, here’s the first post of that series) ended quite abruptly after four proper posts because of how bored I was and how little I cared about the story… I even wanted to write more about Path of Exile for a while, but I just kind of forgot about that game when I couldn’t clear a dungeon due to my internet problems. There are some series that still exist, like Humble Choice, The Stray Sheep (although that isn’t a proper series) and Late to the Party (although I removed the numbers from that) but those may not actually count too much… maybe because it’s less episodic and more about individual posts and things I wanna talk about? Who knows?

Either way, I kind of like the idea of a series of posts in a row of sorts. I like the storytelling aspect of it. At the same time, it’s quite fun to plan those posts out and to take screenshots from them in a game. The original inspiration for it came actually from the first blog I ever read, “petesbackwelcome” (by derLoarp), a German blog where someone reviewed anime and games and ended up also writing a log on some old Monster Hunter game, which was very cool. Back then he mostly wanted to do tutorials, if I remember correctly, on the different weapons and combos and whatnot but I’m more interested in the hunts and the storytelling which is why I did that differently. Hence, I like “series”. It’s like a saga of sorts with lots of chapters that all belong to “The Gaming Journal” and it’s kinda fun.

Now, if I were to actually do this and go through with it all, I’d probably end up struggling a lot with how to name it… A few ideas that come to mind at the moment are just funny little jokes based on things I found in the game… The Furnace God Diaries or something like that would be quite quirky, I guess. Honestly, I’m not really sure about what I’d name it and I wouldn’t want to just go with “Hardspace #0” or something like that. A suggestion I’d have is “Hardspace: Debtbreaker #0” and the number would change at the end, essentially, followed by a title for the episode/post… but I’m not extremely good at this. Do you have any suggestions?

And well, in terms of other projects planned for the future… I own Monster Hunter Rise, so I was thinking about turning that into a series. At the same time, I could probably do something like that for Euro Truck Sim 2 or RimWorld, as well, although that would possibly be not all that interesting. It’s a matter of finding something that would be entertaining to read as well and not just something that I find fun, I guess. For now, Monster Hunter Rise will be a new sort of “MonHunLog” in the near future. But first, I want to work on that debt in Hardspace.

Any thoughts?

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