Starting out… in Hardspace: Shipbreaker!

So, a few days ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start a series of posts/videos on Hardspace: Shipbreaker – so I went ahead and did just that. I don’t have a fancy title for it just yet but for now, “[….] in Hardspace: Shipbreaker” seems pretty alright to me – although if I find a good name for the series, I’ll make sure to edit it in hindsight. It’s different from what I usually do. Regardless of that, though, I’m not 100% satisfied with the video but I feel like my commentary was alright. If you wanna check out the first episode, you can do so over here – but I’ll also write about the episode if you’re interested in what happens or some more thoughts I had on it.

But yeah, all beginning is hard. As you can see around the 6:50 mark in the video, there are a bunch of due bills, our credit transfer was declined and it seems as if we have no choice but to enter the LYNX Salvage program as hospital bills are probably quite pricey in the future, too. The Akron Gov. Medical Hospital sent us another payment reminder. Our Intermailer is swamped. This starting soon has a lot to unpack, including news on food shortages as well as the whole idea that you only have a certain amount of days until your connection to the network runs out, meaning you need to pay on a per-day basis of sorts for access to your mails, payment systems, and news. It’s pretty darn cool how fleshed out this whole minor section is and I’m glad we’re starting again from scratch here.

Anyway, after accepting LYNX’s terms of service and signing the Employment Confirmation Form, we’re sent up into space where our body gets destroyed so that we can get cloned properly… Standard Procedure, I guess. The whole procedure, however, is costly as well and while we’re going up in space to earn money and pay our bills, our fees report at the beginning of our shift states that we’re owing LYNX $1,252,594,441.92!! I guess it makes sense that there is a fee for everything, including the emigration/duty fee, the medical analysis, the equipment setup, and even the display of the “fees report”, but still…

Debt is a sign of being prepared


But then, we finally arrived at Morrigan Station! Weaver phones in from Olympus Station where he gives us a brief tutorial on how to move, how to cut, and where to find oxygen. He also tells us a little story about himself and continues to explain the important bits and pieces before we’re left alone with our first salvage mission. Before we know it, we’re at Certification Rank 4, earning the “No Niños” achievement for completing the tutorial.

The voice-actors for this game have been replaced, by the way, so that the suit/system voice as well as all the characters are now a bit different. In some cases, like Kaito and Deedee, I’m a huge fan, but it still takes a while to get used to the new weaver. The old one just felt a lot better in my opinion. He had his whole charm and felt so… real. The new weaver is probably more authentic in some ways but the accent bothers me slightly. I’m not sure if I’m not a fan or if I’m just not used to it but regardless of that, it’s something I should live with.

Anyhow, before we know it, we’re taking care of our first Mackerel, although it’s but a simple husk. With no oxygen or fuel to worry about, nor a time limit, this one is more of a freebie, really. Later on, there will be a lot more hazards to worry about, including fire hazards, decompression, radiation, cryo, electrical hazards, dangerous thrusters and reactors! Our next ship is already on Hazard Level 2. The PHOBOS XII station hopper Mackerel offers a bit more value on top of rewarding us with an extra repair kit, so we obviously go with that. This ship, being Hazard Level 2, introduces fuel tanks and electronics, meaning that we have a chance to light ourselves on fire or to electrocute ourselves… but that also means that the Barge is getting introduced, the place where you push all the valuable electronics, lamps, and cargo into so that it can get recycled later on. The barge is located at the bottom of the ship, which is why I tend to open up the ship’s bottom to enable us to throw all the “good stuff” relatively easily into the barge. :)

After completing the mini-tutorial on the Barge, we’re introduced to the Kiosk where we will have to get our own oxygen, fuel, repair kits, medkits, tethers, suit patch kits, and demo charges when we need them. All of this, naturally, costs money that is added to our debt but we’ll most likely make a profit either way later on down the line. What surprised me is that they made the window a lot bigger, meaning that we can now see all the items a lot clearer. I always struggled to see the bottom prompt for backing out of this and the new organisation for the menu is also quite fitting and nice. I like it a lot!

At the end of it all, about 58 minutes into the video, we finish off this ship as well though with no real complications. We destroyed only 0.7% of the ship’s contents ($36,775 though!), left about 0.2% in the yard (couldn’t find it, $10,574!), but salvaged 99.1% of the ship successfully, translating into $5,248,218.37 worth of credits which means that we’re making a small dent into our debt. Sadly, though, the equipment rental, the hab fees, and the interest are actually still costing us money each shift, meaning that we have to pay $534,440.32 credits in fees every shift – although the interest (0.01%) will get smaller the less debt we have to deal with! At last, we make our way to the equipment bench and unlock tethers. These are incredibly helpful and after completing the tutorial on those little guys and earning $38.50 dollars in salvage, I found it incredibly fitting that we still get charged $534,493,76 in fees afterwards. Typical LYNX…

Either way, though, that was really the first episode in the series and the first post of the series on this blog. I’m looking forward to writing more in the future. Hopefully, I’ll get the intro done a bit better next time with a lot fewer “ands”. I also wanted to correct my voice volume a bit more in DaVinci but didn’t manage to, which is a bummer. I was a bit quiet throughout the video, in my opinion, although it may be fine for other people. Feedback is appreciated! As mentioned in the video and video description, as well as this post right here, we’re currently raising money for The Trevor Project, so if you’re interested in supporting a great cause during Pride Month and if you have a few bucks to spare, why not consider supporting our campaign? I’ll also doodle something for ya!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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