Undead Charity Fundraiser For Pride Month 2022

It’s Pride Month starting tomorrow and I wanted to do a charity fundraiser for The Trevor Project again. This time around, I announced this a bit late (sorry!) but I’ve been planning this for quite a long time and frankly, I struggled with finding incentives and rewards for people, which is why it ended up happening so late. Either way, the campaign is live and you can check it out on my Twitch channel over here or on Tiltify over here at the donation link!

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQIA2+ youth. They advocate for change in 50 states to change hearts, minds and laws in support of young LGBTQIA2+ lives. They believe that young LGBTQIA2+ people deserve a welcoming, loving world. They provide crisis support to decrease the likelihood of suicide for LGBTQIA2+ youth via 24/7 crisis counselling via phone, text, and chat. They also conduct research, as well as try to advocate through legislation, litigation, and public education for LGBTQIA2+ youth mental health and in preventative and intervention efforts at the federal, state, and local level to address factors that place LGBTQIA2+ youth at significantly higher risk of suicide.

Personally, I want to support this organisation with this fundraiser to support its mission of crisis intervention and suicide prevention. I truly believe that everyone should be allowed to be who they are and who they love without having to fear bigotry or worse. There are a lot of bad things happening in the world right now. There are still countries in the world where you can get killed for being queer. There are still families where it’s not safe to come out. Personally, I’m pansexual but I haven’t come out to my family and I most likely never will because it just wouldn’t be safe at all. My sister is bisexual and when she did come out to my parents, it didn’t go well at all. They still talk to each other but their relationship has been quite tense and it’s just really difficult to work through everything. I don’t want to go into too much detail here on that but in reality, that sort of stuff doesn’t just happen in families with a migration background. There are cases in Germany and other industrial countries where people are shunned or disowned because they came out or because they feel as if they haven’t been born into the right body. There are a lot of older folks that do believe that being gay is a choice or that it’s a trend of sorts, which is absurd.

Long story short, The Trevor Project is great, and they do a lot of amazing work that I want to support!

As for my track record, we did a total of three campaigns to this day, raising 301$ in total. My first-ever charity campaign for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention raised a total of 81$. Following that, we raised 120$ and 100$ in the following years for The Trevor Project. Our last charity campaign was in support of a team effort by Team Mistakes for The Trevor Project which ended up raising a total of 315$, which was pretty amazing. Overall, it’s been a lot of fun to raise money with different incentives.

This time around, our ultimate goal is 100$ at which point, I’ll promise to do a Hollow Knight 112% playthrough. Our stretch goals are 150$ for me to play The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe again with the goal of doing that baby minigame for four hours. Yup. And well, at last, I’ll play through Devil May Cry 2 again but on Hard Mode and with Lucia if we reach 200$ which would be great if it does happen but if it doesn’t, that’s fine as I don’t want to play DMC2 ever again.

Regardless of that, as for incentives, I went with a few cheap ones again. Last year’s Emote Commissions were quite popular, so I’ll go with that again. For 1$, I’ll do a quick doodle for you and send it your way. For 2.50$, I’ll record a voice line for ya. For 5$, I’ll draw an emote for you. I believe I’ve gotten better at drawing emotes… but the point here is that I try my best and that it’s for charity. I won’t earn anything from this apart from experience, so you not only get a super cheap emote but you also get it for supporting charity. I may add more incentives as time goes on but for now, I settled on these. What’s more, is that at the end of every donation, you can vote for me to either continue Dark Souls 3 and to attempt to finish it… or for me to continue Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and to attempt to finish that. Those games are really difficult and I haven’t played through them yet although I did play them on stream before. Whichever gets more donations/votes, essentially gets played once Pride Month is over and once we’re done with Devil May Cry 3. I also want to do a Nutzlocke eventually, though, which is why there is a second poll of whether or not we do Leaf Green or Fire Red. Furthermore, our starter Pokémon can be chosen by and will be named after the top donor.

Throughout June, we’ll probably still struggle with internet connection problems… but we’ll burn that bridge once we cross it. What matters is that we try our best. Throughout June, I’ll most likely end up doing some playthroughs of games with LGBTQIA2+ themes, including the Life is Strange games, Tacoma (again), and other titles that we’ll get to once we’re done with Life is Strange. :) On top of that, there will be lots of chatting, some game giveaways, and also a bunch of Art streams for the emotes for the charity rewards. I’m looking forward to that! The current games (roguelikes, DMC3, Euro Truck Sim 2, etc.) will be on hold for now until Pride Month is over.

If you want to support the charity campaign, please share this post or this link with friends. Alternatively, donations are also great. The money goes directly to The Trevor Project as I’m doing this via Tiltify but you’ll still be able to pick up rewards through me. Your receipt for donations is sent to your e-mail in case you’re wondering about that. I’m so excited to finally do Charity again!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than Indiecator.org, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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