I caught a Summer Cold

So, I’m sick at the moment. My throat’s fucked (not in a good way) and my nose is stuffed. What a fun time! I know that it’s not Covid because I tested four times this week and each time was negative, luckily, but it’s still annoying.

The main issue for me is that I’m having trouble breathing right now and sleeping is a bit rough. On top of that, I’m constantly super warm but I don’t have a fever, so everything’s good in that department. My voice itself is alright, so I may stream here and there but I’ll try not to if I don’t really want to. It’s a little annoying, after all, to mute the mic whenever you cough…

As for remedies, I’m fully decked out. I got plenty of teas. I got plenty of candy. I even made some pumpkin soup… with other veggies… it’s basically just a veggie soup at this point with some pumpkin. Anyhow, I’ll also make this wonder juice that always helps: Onion Juice with Lemon and Honey. It tastes great but smells horrible. The perfect remedy to stop people from catching your cold!

Funnily enough, I’m a huge idiot. Whenever we spent time together, my girlfriend wore a mask. She got a cold after all and didn’t want me to catch it. Well, I said “don’t worry! I won’t catch it. Only idiots catch summer colds after all!” – and I caught it. She naturally was a bit sad about me catching hers but I talked myself out of that one saying that it was a gift for our three-year anniversary. She groaned a little. Either way, she gave me a lot of her tea and it tastes great.

But yeah… for the time being, I’ll try to not die while sleeping and I’ll try to limit the contact I have with people as much as possible… There’s a queer party on the horizon after all and I don’t want to miss it. So, it’s time to lay low for a while.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than Indiecator.org, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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