Humble Choice – Bl-August, 2022

If I cared about my SEO, I’d probably use a plugin that would tell me that the title is bad – but since I do not care about it, it’s gonna stay the way it is. It’s Blaugust and UnwiseOwl over at Leaflocker made a call for reviews – something that I find rather interesting! This is kind of a call for action to review games that are part of this month’s Humble Choice. If you’re a blogger and if you’re interested in participating in a little bit of community action, feel free to head over to Owl’s blog and leave a comment on that post!

Onwards to this month’s Choice, though, I found the selection of games to be rather neat. As it has been the case for the last few months, there have only been eight games available this month as well, meaning that there isn’t really a “choice” to make, apart from whether or not you wanna pause the game. At this point, I’m not even quite sure how this is different from Humble Monthly.

I mean, yes, you can already see from the beginning to the end of the month what games you’ll get… and you’ll also get access to the Humble Trove… but I still find it a bit… odd… in a way… for the lack of a better term.

My thoughts on these games!

1In Sound MindWe Create StuffPsychological Horror-Puzzle
2Mind ScannersThe Outer ZoneDystopian Polit-Sim
3The AscentNeon GiantIsometric Cyberpunk Shooter
3OmnoJonas MankeExploration, Adventure
5A Plague Tale: InnocenceAsobo StudioStealth Adventure
6Emily is Away <3Kyle Seeley2D, Sim? idk how to describe this
7Gas Station SimulatorDRAGO entertainmentEconomy…Sim?
8Hot Wheels UnleashedMilestone S.r.l.Arcade, Racing

Now, my personal ranking of the titles may seem controversial BUT hear me out: I’m more of an Indie Guy. I don’t really care too much about sob stories that demand you to be 100% there for the story and that try to make you cry or that try to shock you. Yes, I’m talking about A Plague Tale. I placed that low because I don’t have the time for it. I wouldn’t know when to sit down for it… and also, uh, …trigger warnings.

And well, In Sound Mind seemed super cool when I first saw it and I wishlisted it back then… and then I never got to buy it, so it’s nice to see this game here. Similarly, Mind Scanners’ demo was pretty great but I never got to purchase and play the full release, so… again, nice to see it here.

I have honestly no clue about what The Ascent is about but it looks cool and possibly fun. We’ll see. I do know that Omno is a short and adorable experience, so I’m looking forward to that.

While I did enjoy “Emily Is Away” back when I played the first game, I never really followed the second or third game. I didn’t even know that they created sequels for it. Either way, that copy is going to another blogger, so I won’t be able to play it. Gas Station Sim, on the other hand, is a game that just didn’t look fun when I watched a stream of it… so this one may be a giveaway thing… I also don’t care about How Wheels Unleashed, so I’m giving that away to another blogger.

The “controversial bit” is that the runner-ups for this game and the “big value” contributors of this month’s Choice are somewhat low-ranked in my list here. I mean, I’m not the right person for Hot Wheels, Plague’s Tale and The Ascent, I guess? I mean, the latter is something I may enjoy, judging from screenshots but I’m still asking around if there’re any people that wanna play it with me or who would rather want it. And I heard great things about A Plague’s Tale… it’s just that I may not be the right person for it, I guess.

Editorial Note: Naithin mentioned that Asobo is an Indie Studio – something that I didn’t do research on at the time of writing this post. Hence, A Plague Tale is Indie as well… but the “Indie” tag never felt great in these tables, so I just removed it completely from this post and will most likely do so as well in the future unless I forget about that.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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    1. Yes, totally, that’s what I said. I may review it in a few months if I end up playing it by then. For now though, someone else can write a review on it :)


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