This is why we can’t have nice things.

So, today, I just wanted to vent a little bit about some stuff that happened over here.

For context, we have a few dorms that are very close to the university. Mine is a bit on the far side, technically, with it taking 20 minutes by foot to get to university and five minutes by bus.

Two of those dorms near the campus have these sort of “bars” in them that are open on Thursdays and where students can essentially hang out and drink and party. It’s on a Thursday, though, so some people may get bothered when the music is too loud… so, at some point, it needs to quiet down a little.

And the issue with this is that those two venues (that alternate between each other weekly… so one of them is open next week and the other is open the following week), a lot of bad stuff has happened, so the dorm administration that organizes those two venues decided to close it yesterday.

That’s a bummer though. I liked hanging out there and getting to know people or just dancing and drinking together but some people end up inviting questionable people… and those then ruin things.

So, why I wanted to talk about this is that essentially, I saw this sort of response to an e-mail that was sent around, addressing the loud music in the middle of the night and the noise complaints as well as the frequent cases of the police having to stop by.

Someone in a group chat from our university basically started badmouthing the dorm administration, saying that they thought we’re living in a student dorm and not in a home for the elderly.

But what they don’t get is that many people have to work during the day or they have exams until the end of September. They literally can’t sleep when the house next door is full of screaming maniacs that don’t know how to party without bothering the neighbours.

We live in a university/student dorm, not a kindergarten. We shouldn’t have to deal with noise complaints but here we are.

So, I’m sort of upset that some people are childish… and those childish people ruin nice venues… and when someone there breaks a table or a glass pane because they got kicked out or because they’re not served any more alcohol… then that stuff needs to be paid using the rent that other people in the dorms pay every month.

That’s a lot of money though and it doesn’t go into improving the dorm but rather repairing glass panes and tables because some people can’t control themselves.

It may get repaired once or twice but after that, they’ll just shut down the venues. It’s honestly frustrating.

So, some people really shouldn’t drink if they get all rowdy while intoxicated.

This is sort of why we can’t have nice things and it sucks. You’d expect people to behave at a venue organized by the people responsible for where they live. They live there, pay rent over there, and then misbehave ruining the fun others have.

At last, in our dorm, we don’t really do many parties but it does happen from time to time and I once had to ask them to quiet down. It was literally the middle of the week and I had an exam the next day.

They didn’t quiet down after they told me that they would, so I went down again, and told them to quiet down or I’d call the cops. Sometimes you gotta be the asshole, I guess.

Anyway, they turned down the music after that and I got some sleep, got the exam done the next day and then talked again to the person living there as I felt as if I had been too harsh. That person, however, understood my stance completely and agreed that they have been a bit too loud. I’m literally living three stories above them and it was too loud for me, so it naturally would have been even worse for the people below them or the people next door.

My point kind of is that not all of the students here are like those… jerks… but a lot of the people at our university sadly end up being a bit on the more childish side and it’s a bummer that you can already drink at 18 over here.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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