I’m into supernatural and occult stuff

So, for the longest time, I didn’t really believe in aliens or anything like that – at the same time, though, I’d love it if they did exist.

Does that make sense?

It’d be sad if we were alone in this big space, y’know?

But ghosts, spirits, elementals, demons, and all of that… yeah, that’s another story!

That’s my jam. I’m sure some of it is real! I mean, it has to be! Right??

My partner and I have been watching Buzzfeed Unsolved quite often together. She’s really interested in the true crime stuff but doesn’t like the supernatural stuff. Meanwhile, I’m not all that interested in the true crime stories and unsolved cases but I love the supernatural talk with ghosts, people vanishing or even demonic possessions and all of that.

We are sort of opposites in that regard and I love what we have going on with that, honestly, as it sort of allows us to watch it together and alternate between supernatural and true crime episodes.

For anyone that doesn’t know Buzzfeed Unsolved: It is essentially a documentary series on YouTube that ran from February 2016 to November 2021. It was hosted by Ryan Bergara and his co-host Shane Madej.

While Bergara is a believer in all sorts of supernatural stories and ghosts and stuff, Madej acts as the sceptic that just doesn’t give a fuck, which creates this sort of comedy despite the creepy and morbid contents of the series.

They visit haunted locations or talk about what exactly happened in true crime stories before speculating about what could possibly be the case here – and it’s honestly, really fun!

But look, Ghost Files is coming out soon!

Eventually, the series stopped being produced, though, due to the ongoing pandemic – and eventually, Buzzfeed (the network that the web series was produced for) ended up doing their own thing as they parted with Bergara and Madej. Ever since then, they’re not really getting the traffic they did before while Bergara’s and Madej’s channel, “Watchers”, is branching out into all sorts of content formats that still work really well with their unusual dynamic.

Anyway, rewatching those old Buzzfeed Unsolved videos has been a lot of fun but recently, I found another channel that is… different… But it’s also quite interesting to me.

I know, I know… the thumbnails and the initial impressions of these people here doesn’t seem great. I honestly didn’t think I’d watch through it all… but “Sam and Colby” is an interesting channel, in my opinion, as they also travel to these “haunted locations” where they do investigations with different tools that may or may not work. It’s honestly quite fun.

And I know that stuff like spirit boxes and other gadgets like that aren’t “scientific” by any means but I think that it ruins the fun of it if you try to dissect it like that. Rather, I like how these videos play out with you getting back-story on these locations and what transpired there before they eventually do the investigations.

I guess the reason why demonic and occult stuff interests me is because it’s something relatively new to me. I sort of always believed in that stuff as well as omens and bad dreams. My dead grandmother appeared in my father’s dream before I was born, telling him what he should name me and that I’ll be a boy. That’s pretty supernatural, right?

Also, bad stuff happens whenever weird stuff happens over here. A while ago, a crow or raven or whatever hit my balcony door and it just scared the shit out of me. It flew away immediately but left a good amount of blood on the glass pane. So, that’s fun. I hope my train ride goes well tomorrow.

But basically, omens and stuff. And I know there are witches and people that believed in druidism… and then you have demonic depictions and stories in all parts of the world from times where they weren’t even connected and stuff…

The same goes for old mythology and religious stories. I’m sure there’s gotta be something to Ziz, Behemoth and Leviathan if they also appeared in Australian, Asian and South American people’s dreams and stories.

Anyway, I’m odd. This is an interest of mine and I just kind of love that I discovered a new channel that sort of feeds into that with people actually visiting places like that and doing “investigations”. I know that it can’t be all real or anything but you don’t go to a magic show and tell everyone that it’s fake, right? You watch it and you know how it works but you don’t ruin it for anyone.

So, like, I enjoy turning off my inner sceptic and just indulging in these sorts of weird and creepy occurrences.

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