My Taste in Music is Good Music

I’m not sure if this will be one post in a series of posts but as mentioned previously, I wanted to talk a little bit about music and stuff in this post. This was inspired by other bloggers who did music posts in the past and honestly, I love recommending music to other people.

The issue here, however, is that my taste in music is all over the place. I’m not sure what to do about that but I’ll at least try to cover a lot of bases in one go – or to at least mention at the beginning, what I’ll write about. Today, I just wanna share some songs I’ve been listening a lot to lately and I hope you like those!

(Also, the interviews return later/tomorrow. I should be back today… so maybe I’ll add the finishing touches to the remaining interviews later – but that heavily depends on how the train ride goes…)

HIMALAYAS are a band that sort of is hard and easy to describe at the same time. My vocabulary in music sucks btw but as far as I know, the HIMALAYAS are somewhere between Indie Rock and Alt-Rock… right?

Whatever, Ecstasy is a great song and I’ve been in love with the quieter parts and the serene and chill songs that are then followed by loud and energetic rock sections… and it’s amazing, honestly. I just like it a lot.

And I know that this song is eight years old now at this point but I really enjoyed Closure in Moscow’s album Pink Lemonade at the time a fair bit even if it was quite experimental.

Seeds of Gold is my favourite song out of that album, though. It’s very different from CiM’s usual stuff. First Temple was my favourite album, after all, and while Seeds of Gold sort of sounds like every summer song ever, it just sort of is… catchy and fun and a jam.

Also, there is a reference to Lot’s Wife in there, which is amazing.

And well, then there’s Our Last Night who I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I originally learned about them thanks to their “Skyfall” cover and well, I’ve been in love with their tunes ever since.

Middle of the Night is another great cover of a song. Ironically, I didn’t know about this song until I heard the cover. Either way, it’s just great stuff, although some people may not like the screaming and stuff in there.

I’ve also been listening to Kadavar a lot these days. I’m not sure why exactly I got back into them but ever since their founding in 2010, they’ve just been making a lot of great rock songs. I found the band much later, though, in 2015-ish.

Kadavar is a German band, apparently? I didn’t know that! Lol.

Anyway, it’s rock music that sounds “old” but at the same time is quite new and it gives off stoner rock vibes, which is a plus in my book but you may not like it obviously. Last Living Dinosaur is just great, though. It’s especially good while on the train. I’m most likely listening to it right now… unless I already left yesterday in which case I listened to it around this time yesterday.

From stoner rock onto some Alternative/Indie stuff,…

alt-J is among my favourite bands. Their songs have great lyrics and interesting sounds to them. The lead singer’s voice gives me goosebumps – and Deadcrush, a song about crushing on people that are long-dead (and not in a necrophilia kind of way), is probably my favourite among all of them. I mean, I got into the band after listening to In Cold Blood… but Deadcrush and 3WW – or the album RELAXER, in general, are just fucking amazing songs.

And while we’re in the Indie Scene, I should talk about WAAX. They’re an Australian band consisting of four cool people and their latest album, At Least I’m Free, just came out a while ago. Big Grief is still among my favourites but honestly, all of their songs are great, haha.

It’s just a mix of their rhythms and melodies that gets me – paired with catchy lyrics and the lead singer’s voice… idk, it’s just great. Again, limited vocabulary.

Last but not least, Bakers Eddy released a new album a while ago. They’re an Indie Rock/Alt/Punk band from NZ, as far as I know, but they live in Melbourne and they’re pretty darn cool.

Their newest album is different from the stuff that I really liked previously by them… but it’s different in a good way, if that makes sense. They still kept their energy and their own sound while making music that is just fun to listen to. Does that make sense? I don’t know. They’re amazing and I feel like more people should know them.

I’m not sure if I’ll do this often but lately, I’ve been listening to more music again, and I felt like trying myself at one of these posts, especially as I see them pop up from time to time on other blogs.

Any thoughts? Any bands you like that I haven’t mentioned today? I love hearing about new ones that I gotta listen to!

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  1. I imagine everyone thinks their taste in music is good music! The more bloggers doing music posts, the better, I say.

    Every band here is new to me except for Alt-J, who I realize now I’ve never actually listened to – they crop up quite often in recommends from stuff I’ve watched but I’ve never clicked through because I don’t like their name. I watched this one though and liked it. Not really what I thought they’d sound like.

    Most of the others are too rocky for my taste but I liked WAAX and Bakers Eddy. So many good bands coming out of Australia and New Zealand these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, obviously, everyone thinks that but what I sort of meant is that I listen to practically everything, so I most likely will know something that you’ll enjoy, too. :D

      Yeah, their name is a bit obscure if that makes sense, especially when considering that it’s “the keystroke for rendering a delta symbol – r – on a Mac” which… is… weird… yet fitting. Glad you liked that song there though!

      And I can understand stuff being too rocky. I was thinking of maybe just going for a mix of both more chill songs and rockier songs next time. Possibly, there will be more to your liking then! :D

      I mean, I listen to a lot of Indie Rock and Australian bands are amazing! But I also like Alt Rock, Modern Rock, Indie Pop, Anti Folk and some more experimental stuff… and Jazz… and some German Rap… and Metal… so everything sort of :D


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