Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion – 100% Achievements!

This one’s a short one as I have an early start tomorrow and I spent too much time getting Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion to 100%… Yup, I finally got all the achievements. Took me a while… because I frankly didn’t play the game after playing it to the credits.

I mean, not every game needs to be played to 100% and more… but since I loved this game so much, I kept the game installed to “return later for those other three achievements”. And that “later” was… now… I guess. I haven’t really had a chance to sit down for it and since I rarely play games off-stream, I just sort of forgot to do it. Oh well,…

BTW: Spoiler Warning.

Oh, look! It’s the Graffit Games Hat! The publisher made it into the game!
  1. Achievement-Hunting
  2. Turnip Boy: Mugen Train Arc (…I mean, Infinity Train)
  3. How to get “Passenger”, “Conductor” and “???”:
    1. “Passenger”
    2. “Conductor”
    3. Defeating “???”
  4. At last… I got them all!


But more importantly, what are those three achievements that I was missing and why am I making this post?

Well,… I was missing the “Passenger”, “Conductor” and “???” achievements – and according to Steam’s global stats, only 28.9% of players have the passenger achievement. The other two are sitting at 22.2% (Conductor) and 13.7% (???), meaning that not even a third of the Turnip Boy players (on Steam) have realised that there is a Roguelike Mode in this game!

And yes,… I was included in that number as well!

Well, after beating the game and returning back to your house, you essentially have a ticket in your mail that grants you access to the “Infinity Train” which is a Demon Slayer reference as you are probably aware of.

Anyway, after collecting your ticket from the mail, you simply have to head to Layer Lane and go East to Sunset Station. There you’ll be prompted by the Conductor Onion to hop onto the train.

Turnip Boy: Mugen Train Arc (…I mean, Infinity Train)

Yes, it truly is infinite. This is an endless mini-roguelike where you defeat the game’s bosses as well as two more while powering up and trying to survive rooms full of dangerous yet adorable critters!

Power-Ups range from increased Trip-Range to a chance of blocking damage to more movement speed and an on-hit chance of lighting enemies on fire. Brutal.

Once you finish three rooms, you fight against a boss. Upon slaying them, you earn blue tickets… which then can be used outside of the train to buy hats and new powerups. Pretty darn dandy, innit?

How to get “Passenger”, “Conductor” and “???”:

First up,…


With that out of the way,…


For the Passenger achievement, you simply have to die on the Limitless Line (aka the Infinity Train). The other two are about beating the two secret bosses that you can only encounter in this mode. The important bit here is that you can also activate “God Mode” (Invincibility) and Increased Attack Damage in the Settings, under “Game”. This will not disable achievements. After all, the game’s developers want the game to be accessible to anyone and everyone.


The Conductor is a relatively easy fight. You simply try to not get hit while also trying to hit the enemy. lol.

Jokes aside, the Conductor is this sort of mash-up of the Mentor trope from Ninja Movies and Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure… but when you fight him, he’s basically just a ninja.

The attack patterns are relatively easy to understand. One of his moves is this ninja star attack where he throws one, then teleports away, and throws another once he reappears before teleporting away again. He does this a total of three times. Afterwards, he will try to stab you after chasing you.

For the ninja stars, you simply sidestep them and then attack before he vanishes. For the chase/stab attack, you dodge right before he attempts to stab you and then you stab him back. An eye for an eye and stuff.

And then, at last, he also has this attack where he comes flying from the left/right screen in an attempt to dash through you. Simply dodge those.

Defeating “???”

This… is an Isaac Reference, I believe? You basically have to fight a dark version of yourself here. Simply attack after dodging their attacks and you should be good. They hit hard, though, so when in doubt, activate God Mode.

There is no shame in activating god mode.

At last… I got them all!

I got all the achievements. All the other ones were relatively easy to get throughout the game. I mean, you have the option of destroying tax documents and collecting hats, so of course you’ll do it every time you get the option, right? On top of that, there are a few endings… and story-related achievements.

I feel like the joy of exploration is thoroughly rewarded in this game… thanks to achievements. You explored an area? You get a hat – and an achievement. You did something funny. You get an achievement… and sometimes a hat. This sort of thing is nice and as short as Turnip Boy is… returning to it made me realise how much fun short little adventure games like this one are.

Anyway, time to uninstall it. I have barely any space on my hard drive at the moment, after all. I may play it again in the future once I forgot all about the story.

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