University Schedule Scheduling Rant

I’m incredibly annoyed at how my university schedule planning is going at the moment.

So, for context, at our university, we have two platforms we use to organise our studies. One platform is to register for different classes, see your grades, etc. The other platform is where you find all the materials & scripts, and you also upload exercises to this platform and do online tests here.

For English Studies, I have to sign up for classes and then wait to see to which ones I’ve been accepted. Due to the fact that there are a lot of people studying this, you can’t take every class in every semester and you have to apply with it via priorities.

For Philosophy, each module features three components. Different courses can be applied to these components to finish a given module. There are a lot of philosophy courses at various times and you have a lot of freedom in choosing what classes you take – and what classes you don’t take.

The issue here is that while there is a lot of freedom in Philosophy, I can’t make use of it as I don’t know yet in which English classes I am. Hence, I can’t enter those classes yet as my English classes offer less freedom in terms of time slots.

The other issue is that in contrast to other majors, most Philosophy lecturers don’t make use of the “application” system. Hence, you simply add classes to your schedule and go there, I guess… but to be able to enter the platform with the materials, literature, and information, you actually need to mail the professors.

This takes time and some professors don’t check their e-mails enough to respond to you in time for the new semester.

All of this is incredibly frustrating and annoying as I can’t effectively plan my next semester until I know what classes I’ve been submitted to in English.

I feel like the lecturers in Philosophy at our university should get with the times and actually make use of the platform available to them to help us students find their classes better. There are literally lectures with only three people in there because the class doesn’t have proper information on the contents and practically no information in regards to what sort of module components the classes are four.

Nobody likes this. I doubt the lecturers are a fan of it, either, but either out of comfort or out of laziness, they are just not making use of the systems in place – and that’s incredibly annoying, in my experience. Next semester, I’ll ask the student council for Philosophy if they can maybe do something about it.

But then again, I doubt anything will happen. After all, it’s easier to leave the system as is, right? It’s incredibly complicated for the lecturers and even more complicated for the students. Switching to the system available to everyone with a proper application system and priorities would just make it a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

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