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So, yesterday, Bel published a post where he was talking about Ghost Hunter channels that he’s been watching and I figured it’d be interesting to share some thoughts on the topic… or rather: I wanted to comment on the post originally but my comment ended up being longer than his post, so I decided to write one myself and link to Bel who inspired this, essentially.

After a bit of a discussion on Twitter, Bel ended up having the idea to make that post, talking about Ghost “Hunter” channels he’s been watching… and I found a few good recommendations through him!

As I mentioned in this post over here, I’m also a fan of the whole ghost investigation stuff on YouTube. There’s a bit of mystery to it and it feels nice to get a bit spooked by stuff, getting the tingles and whatnot, even if you know that in reality, a lot of it may be edited or played up for the camera.

I mean, I haven’t really seen any crazy things so far that actually scared me or anything… Heck, I wouldn’t watch these videos if they actually scared me as I’m a huge scaredy cat… but there’s a bit of lore in every piece and it’s quite… creepy but not scary? Sort of like in atmospheric horror games where it’s not about jump scares but rather about the environment. You’ll feel the tingles rather than actually getting attacked by something.

Channels that I knew already/recommended previously!

Anyway, the channels that I personally have recommended were “Buzzfeed Unsolved” (the old seasons with Ryan and Shane), “Watcher” (by Ryan and Shane), and “Sam and Colby”.

Obviously, “Buzzfeed” as a brand is pretty shit… They don’t pay their creators too well and at times in the past, they resorted to incredibly uncomfortable “cringe” rage-bait videos and posts on a few channels to get people to click on their stuff… and that’s just cheap… but Buzzfeed Unsolved was actually just really great.

Shane is a sceptic. Ryan is a believer. They’re both “truth seekers”, so they investigate these different places and explain what happened there. They also talk about True Crime stuff, which is something that my girlfriend really enjoys.

After not renewing their contract and leaving Buzzfeed, they created their own channel, “Watcher”, where they create content they enjoy. There are some ghost stories there, some cooking videos… and as of late, ghost investigation stuff! Their new series “Ghost Files” is really, really good and I’m anxiously waiting for the new episode every week. Can’t wait to see more!

And yes, not much happens here… but at least, it’s genuine. There is less editing in these videos from what I could tell than in other videos in this whole rabbit hole. At the same time, I love how honest these two are, how brave Ryan has gotten, and how open Shane is to this whole ghost stuff… while still joking about it. The first season of Ghost Files is honestly pretty darn great!

Meanwhile… you have channels like this one… and I kinda like watching them but more in an “oh, jeez, not again” sorta way.

In these sorts of videos, people often go on a bit of a stretch. Things they hear or see are interpreted in a convenient way for instance – even with things like the “Estes Method”.

And then, you have the thumbnails and the fucking titles that play into the whole algorithm thing. Some of these two’s videos are actually kind of creepy and in that sense fun to watch… Other times, though, it gets fairly… “eh”. Hence, I have watched a few of their videos to fall asleep and it’s been quite entertaining… not because it’s good content but rather because it’s very over-the-top.

Some of the videos are great. Others are absolutely horrible, though, with overplayed sound effects and incredibly annoying reactions.

Channels that I found through Belghast (that I watched a little of already yesterday):

So, thanks to Belghast, I found a lot of very cool channels! His post is a gold mine if you’re into this stuff. Honestly, I wasn’t super sure where to start when I first went down this rabbit hole… I didn’t want to waste my time, really, which is rich coming from someone who tried drying coriander in an oven…

But yeah, a lot of this stuff is quite bad… but there are a few great videos out there and Bel recommended a bunch of them and actually gave away which channels are more prone to exaggerated reactions and the like.

Paranormal Nightmare, for instance, made this video here where a family is being haunted by a demon and possibly the ghost of the child’s late biological mother. So, the investigators go out there and investigate using different methods and tools.

Once they’re done, they try to cleanse the place but honestly, I found that stuff creepier than the voices they hear or the things that happened. I know it’s a Christian thing to refer to blessed water as “the blood of Christ”, but I find that expression deeply disturbing.

At the same time, when they see a shadow, I don’t really see anything… but maybe one of them is a medium of sorts? Honestly, I had a hard time with this video because nothing gets explained. At the same time, though, this is Episode 5 of Season 11, apparently, so maybe I’m just too used to the “Buzzfeed Unsolved” or “Ghost Files” series explaining things… every episode.

Also, and this is a mild spoiler… The family father in that video says some incredibly mean things about his dead wife… and I’m a bit concerned about the implications of that and how the daughter will remember their mother. Like, that’s odd.

I technically also watched another video and really liked it but I was tired and fell asleep, so I don’t quite remember which one that was… Gosh, darn it, YouTube. Why did you turn on AutoPlay again!

But yeah, I enjoyed that Paranormal Nightmare video for sure because of how serious and calm they are… Meanwhile, judging from Bel’s post, I think I might really enjoy Paranormal New England and Amy’s Crypt a lot?

I know a few names there like Amanda and Wyatt already but haven’t seen their stuff quite yet… so looking forward to that.

Heck, I will most likely watch all the videos that Belghast linked here and then I’ll go down the rabbit hole even further. Looking forward to it!

And if you haven’t yet, you should go read Bel’s post. Belghast is amazing, after all!

Also, if you have any other ghost investigation or demon investigation channels/videos/etc. recommendations, let me know! Would love to add more to my watch list. :)

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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