The Stray Sheep – Life Update: What a great start to the new semester…

So, I overslept today and missed two classes. One super early class at 8 AM and one just earlier at 10 AM. I actually went there just earlier (it’s 11 AM now) but the class already ended early which is why I had to return home again…

And the main issue here is just that I couldn’t really sleep until very late into the night. Falling asleep has been hard for me as of late. I’m not exactly sure what it is.

Melatonin usually helps with getting drowsy. This time around? Nope, no chance.

Maybe I’m just too excited or something? Who knows?

Either way, I slept roughly four hours, still managed to sleep in and… “luckily”, it’s just the first day of the new semester, meaning that I can allow myself to miss the first session of these two classes. They were mainly organisational matters, such as exams, class information and the syllabus. No actual content… just yet.

If you miss a lecture here and there, it can be incredibly detrimental though. After all, every hour that you miss ends up taking about two hours of work to catch up with. It’s rough.

So, given that lectures go on for ninety minutes, I would usually have to work for roughly ninety minutes on reading up on what I missed out on, trying to understand the contents. Then I’d have to prepare for the next lecture as well.


As always:

“The best part about being at university is that you can choose when to get up. The worst part about being at university is that you can choose when to get up.”

Tomorrow will be better. I have no more classes today, so I’ll try and prepare for tomorrow’s classes later… and tonight I’ll try not to use any screens for two hours before I head to bed. Melatonin will be my friend this time, hopefully.

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