Projects – Some thoughts on burning out

So, I have this problem. I can’t really see through a lot of games or projects or whatever… and hence, I’m kinda proud of myself for continuing to blog, continuing to draw, continuing to stream, continuing to study, continuing to wash the dishes daily, and that sorta stuff.

If you’ve followed along for a while, you may know that I started a Monster Hunter series, a Final Fantasy series, a Hardspace series and even did some posts on Minecraft.

Well,… none of those projects really were seen through to the end and just ended haphazardly.

The Instagram page and the YouTube channel also sorta prove that. I think that something’s a good idea and if I don’t get rewarded for it in one way or another, I just end up dropping it.

With blogging, you can see stats going up. That kinda acts like “words of affirmation” (one of the many love languages) for me. I feel accomplished. People read these posts, they like them or whatever… and it confirms that I should keep going like this.

With those series, nobody really cared and I felt like the effort of doing them wasn’t being rewarded at all. Thus, I dreaded writing those posts.

At least, I believe that that’s how my brain works or that that’s the reason why I drop projects so often.

With blogging and streaming I had some indicator as to whether or not I’m getting better at it. With drawing, I had small success over time in the form of me actually liking some of my drawings. I may enjoy drawing, blogging and streaming either way… but having a little success here and there or being awarded a little certainly helps with motivation.

Or rather… it prevents burning out.

When I play Dark Souls 3, I love the world and combat, the ideas, the lore, and the enemy design. When I get stuck somewhere because I don’t know what path to follow or where to go, I sort of get bored and leave it at that. When I fight a boss and die, that’s fine. I probably did something wrong. When the “I did something wrong” is just “I should grind some more”, though, I feel discouraged – like in some Roguelikes.

My reward for washing the dishes is… not feeling guilty and not feeling like my flatmate’s pissed or whatever. Just as a side note, no anxiety there, so all good. I’ll keep it up.

Anyway, I think it sometimes helps when you yourself think you’ve accomplished something. When people like what you do and say so, that helps. At least, I know that that helps me.

So when you see some cool artwork, for instance, you can share it with people, retweet or boost it, like it or give it an up-vote, etc. Reward people for their accomplishments.

IRL, I try to encourage people by telling them what they do great when they feel like they haven’t done much. Just some thoughts.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

2 thoughts on “Projects – Some thoughts on burning out

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  1. Thank you for the advice. I was so worried about my own problems that I forgot about others. But in the end, a solution to one’s own problems is reaching out, and then you learn things from others. Your idea of rewarding people with likes and stuff is cool. I don’t know when we were first endowed with the right to reward others for their efforts. It’s a pretty awesome power. As in large, voluminous, sizeable. I’ll try to like things that I think are good. I wasn’t sure it mattered for a while.

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    1. Although in retrospective regard, some people probably don’t care too much about them (Likes). I guess you have to judge the individual.


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