League of Legends – Ranked 2022

So, the season just ended and I’ve honestly not really enjoyed League at all. And I know that I already said (back in May) that the game isn’t fun anymore… but I still would end up returning to the game here and there, mostly due to content creators that I watch enjoying champions I enjoy and me thinking that I might enjoy those again.

Anyway, I started playing again this season with the intention of getting to Plat for once. Gold was my initial goal but with how things were going, I actually figured I might get to even higher ranks.

Well,… that didn’t happen.

I played it on and off for a while and frankly, it was a mess.

As a support main, I mostly play Enchanters and Mages in bot lane but even if I was able to bring my ADC ahead or protect them from feeding, my other lanes would lose tremendously.

When we’d lose, we’d lose hard. It just always felt like nothing I did mattered. I land a good bubble on Nami, I focus the right target as Xerath or I land a great ultimate as Leona… but in the end, we’d still lose because people would go afk, people would just surrender even though we’re ahead or we throw the game completely by farming camps in the jungle instead of pushing with Baron – against scaling comps.

Something I noticed a lot is that people on my team would randomly pick champions they’ve never played before or they’d try to surrender as soon as possible even though they’re playing a late-game champion.

As time went on, I realised that my win rate as Support sucks. My champion pool just didn’t work in a meta where the enemies just one shot you after missing their whole combo. It didn’t feel skilful either.

I miss those days when you knew what you did wrong after you died. Suddenly, it was May and I quit League of Legends for a few months because everything just one-shots you. Zero Counterplay. 0% Skill Necessary. At the same time, Assassins build fighter or tank items (Goredrinker, Sunfire, etc.) and still deal insane amounts of damage. You can’t kill them because they’re too tanky. At the same time, you can’t get your gold because your team is so far behind.

Overall, I ended up with a 35% win rate in Support and stopped playing Support. My best champion was Xerath with a 63% winrate – but even as a champion that I’m good at, I can’t carry. My ADC would go AFK because they can’t be the main character of the game. The enemy would suddenly focus me completely with nobody peeling – and then our damage is gone, we lose the fight, and then the game.

Naturally, I played something else. I got auto-filled to Top Lane and gave the most degenerate champion I knew a try: Tryndamere. Champions that I knew/could play were either banned or picked, so Tryndamere it is… I lost.

But when I’m Support, I just end up noticing all the things people do that I’d do better. The enemy jungler ganks more, does objectives and still out farms our Jungler. Our jungler ignores bot lane even though the enemy is perma-pushing. They don’t get involved in the game at all and just farm.

I’ve seen Kayn players not hit their Red or Blue Form at 17 minutes into the game when the average Kayn usually gets there around the ten to fifteen-minute mark.

So, I started juggling. Suddenly, I was doing well. As Rammus, I’d just camp bot line, taunt the enemy ADC and get my ADC a nice little kill on a silver plate. The early goes well, we then end up losing because everyone needs me but nobody can do anything alone. Our Renektons in some games would build full damage even when behind. Our players would build the wrong boots, even in Gold.

In the end, I stopped playing because League was all about oneshotting enemies before they’d oneshot you.

Base Damage was too high. Riot gave thus everyone a lot more resistances and health… but it didn’t fix the damage.

Nowadays, items are stronger than champions which poses another problem. It’s a Tank Meta in the making but while I am all for that, I dislike how tanks now deal too much damage. Again, why is that a thing?

The game’s balance team sucks. Honestly, the reason assassins can oneshot you even when building tank or bruiser items is not because the tank items are broken… it’s because an Akali does 2000+ base damage in a full combo in late game even without items. Tank Items help you survive. You don’t need items to defeat enemies as Akali.

So, naturally, I’m not sure if I want to play more League. I probably will since I enjoy it with friends and I love the universe but whenever I play a round or two, I just end up taking huge breaks from it for weeks if not months.

And that’s because the game is broken. It’s not fun because Riot doesn’t get that base damage is too high. Past tank metas have been the best and healthiest but ever since Morello left the balance team, Riot has been increasing and messing with the base damage of champions and the healing stats in the game, resulting in a meaningless experience where you can’t do anything as a player of the game. Nothing that you do matters.

Damage the enemy? They heal to full in three attacks. CC the enemy? They survive any damage you follow up.

Land your full combo as a skilful champion like Xerath and dodge everything they have in store for you? Doesn’t matter at all. The enemy survives, right-clicks you two times and then dances on your corpse while flashing their mastery icon.

I’m ranting at this point but honestly, I can’t see how the game can be this broken without the devs noticing what actually is the issue. Every person I see online who talks about the state of the game is complaining about the base damage.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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