Oh boyo, Twitter… it’s getting worse.

Honestly, leaving Birbsite was amazing. My posts still end up over there through the Jetpack Feature… but like, I haven’t really used it all that much as of late.

Frankly, leaving Twitter made me realise how much I disliked Twitter.

Tumblr is kinda chill, Mastodon/Fediverse is really cozy, and frankly, there is apparently a Hive of sorts on the rise but I don’t exactly know what to do over there… or rather, I haven’t checked it out yet since it’s Mobile-only and I hate that in apps.

Anyway, Twitter… right… I thought it couldn’t get worse after Trump’s account was reinstated but now, Musk made it possible to spread misinformation on Covid again. Wait… why?

So, Birbsite = cute, Hellsite = accurate

I don’t get this obsession with “free speech absolutism”. When you spread fake news and misinformation as well as conspiracy theories, you just take away freedom of speech from people.

You can’t have “free speech absolutism” without hate speech going rampant, right? Because Musk defines it as basically the opposite of political correctness and allowing the masses to say things again… but if he doesn’t draw the line somewhere, we’ll get covid and holocaust deniers on these social platforms… and if we draw the line there, it’s not really absolutism, is it?

So, what I’m trying to get at is that this stuff about covid-19 misinformation was yet another bad move. I truly hope that none of this moves over to other platforms but as Bel already mentioned, there are many people moving to the Fediverse who are just constantly self-promoting or cross-posting in the same way that Twitter did it.

And even I have to constantly think about what I post and whether I should post it. I link more important posts onto my Mastodon page but I don’t necessarily do it for everything.

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3 thoughts on “Oh boyo, Twitter… it’s getting worse.

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  1. I follow some of the mods on Mastodon and they seem to enjoy making fun of Musk in their posts. They go by the name Stux. I’m glad I moved to Mastodon, I get way more engagement there and I recently wiped my Twitter account clean of all of its tweets and indicated to anyone who visits that I’m not there anymore. I thought about deactivating but changed my mind, I will keep my account for now, but I’ll just make it look inactive.

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    1. Stux is great!
      Yeah, I’ll keep the account to share my blog posts but I may make it so that it’s indicated (heh) that I don’t use it as much as other platforms.


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