Next year, I’ll figure G-Mail out

So,… my e-mails are swamped.

There are press releases in there, review requests, and other stuff… and it’s just hard to keep track of everything. Some of it ends up getting overlooked. Somewhere I may have received a key and I just forgot about it… and it’s just hard to keep track of everything.

Thus, I decided that I’ll try and get a bunch of reviews done that have been in my backlog/drafts for a while now… and starting next year, I’ll try and bring some order into this chaotic mess here.

One big issue I have with G-Mail is that there are three categories at the top: Primary, Promotions, and Updates.

I don’t know how to add more categories here or move e-mails from one category to another.

This is something that was very easy to do in Outlook – but Gmail works not only with Google Tasks but also with my Google-Calendar, meaning that I can have it all synced up with my phone and not forget about stuff… theoretically.

So, in theory, Gmail is great but in reality, I get overwhelmed and then drafts sit around for super long…

What this means is that at the beginning of 2023,…

  • I’ll figure out labels.
  • I’ll figure out sorting rules/if those exist in Gmail.
  • I’ll figure out custom categories for specific groups of people/e-mails/etc.
  • I’ll clean up/archive old e-mails.

There are probably tutorials on how to do any of this on YouTube, so I’ll go for a deep-dive at some point. Looking forward to it.

So, those are my plans in that regard. Any recommendations for tutorials and any sort of insights on the topic are much appreciated.

As for the question why I’m not doing all that now… frankly, I’ve got university classes still and exams are coming up… that paired with other projects I have going on means that I won’t get to it anytime soon.

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  1. I have the same problem and Im always saying Im going to figure it out and I haven’t. To make matters worse, Im out of storage. Anyway, hope you figure it out.

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