GMail doesn’t allow custom categories

At the end of last year, I wrote about e-mails and how I have a hard time keeping track of all of them.

I kind of set it as a goal to figure out GMail… and honestly,… it’s a lost cause.

It’s 2023 and you can’t create custom categories in G-Mail and Google apparently has no intention of introducing it as a feature, given that they apparently had it for a few months but then decided to remove it.

What I can do is create labels to manually add to e-mails but I can’t create rules to sort e-mails into groups or automatically assign labels to e-mails that have specific keywords in them… It’s a shame, honestly.

More than anything, I find it upsetting since the only categories allowed are “Primary” and the ones for “Updates”, “Promotions”, “Forums”, and “Social”… not incredibly helpful.

What I could do is maybe create a different e-mail account in (for instance) Outlook… and then change my e-mail to Outlook so that people only contact me through Outlook. Because in Outlook, you can do this. You can set up custom categories with specific rules.

Anything that contains the name of my literature club will get sorted into the “literature club” category. Anything that is about blog-related social media or WordPress gets filtered into the “blog” category. Similarly, e-mails by certain people get filtered into my “university” folder, so that I don’t miss them… it’s really useful.

Google doesn’t do that. Very disappointing.

At the moment, I created a bunch of new labels and I’m still looking for add-ons that I can add to Gmail to basically make it so that I have these features… my labels now include “To Review”/”Reviewed” and, again, I have to actively assign them for every e-mail instead of just entering keywords that Gmail could search for to then sort these e-mails into folders or whatever…

I sighed maybe five or six times during this write-up. Jeez.

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