Disinterest in Social Media?

The other day, I talked about the fact that I may do more with Tumblr and Mastodon… primarily because of Twitter going down.

Well, I… haven’t really done that. It’s not about staying or not staying on Twitter or some sort of reluctance or even nostalgia for the birb site… Rather, I just haven’t really had much interest in social media as of late.

Part of it probably has to do with holiday season coming up and many people sharing how happy they are… whereas I’m having mixed feelings about visiting my family for a rather long time.

Another part of it is that exam season is coming up and I’m busy, busy studying up for those exams. Yay.

And well, at last, it’s also very difficult to just switch habits. It’s even more difficult to switch platforms just like that.

Yes, Mastodon and Tumblr have features like “follow hashtags” that help you get in touch and get an active feed… but it’s more reliant on you actively doing something whereas Twitter has/had an algorithm that manipulates you to keep you scrolling – which is, of course, a bad thing… but it also lead me to many cool people amidst a successful doom-scroll session.

At the same time, Tumblr is a lot more closed off whereas Mastodon has the whole instance thing going on… and it can feel quite overwhelming when you get into it at first and I just didn’t have the spoons to do any of that.

So, I haven’t really been active on either platform but I also haven’t been on Twitter.

What kinda prevents me from using either platform is also the fact that I’m just so used to shamelessly self-promoting blog posts on Tumblr, Discord and Twitter whereas Mastodon has rules in place for that. Tweets are sort of about shitposting strategically… and Mastodon doesn’t really want that since those strategic shitposts (btw, just a term I made up that doesn’t mean anything) are quite toxic.

It’s toxic behaviour that I need to get rid of.

Tumblr is the alternative to Mastodon where I could post art and posts without issues but I feel like I’d double-down on being a blogger over there and it’d be less about me as a person, I guess? Idk

And well, there’s also “Hive” but I haven’t checked that out at all… mostly because it doesn’t have a web client and I hate that. I don’t wanna use my phone. Please, oh god, no, please.

Note: I had to back-schedule this post as I mistakenly had it scheduled for next week. My bad!

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