I tried out the Thursday App (Review)

It’s a new year and for many people that means trying out new things, trying to improve, or setting up goals for the year to accomplish. Obviously, it’s not for everyone but many people are into that sort of thing and nothing is more encouraging than the idea of a brand new sheet of paper, an empty canvas in the form of the new year that you yourself can decide to fill with whatever makes you “you”.

For many people, a new year also means meeting new people, going out more, trying new things and possibly finding love. It’s the 21st century, so naturally, it has to be more modern than just going out… or does it?

Thursday sets out to be the offline dating app. It’s a dating app for those that are tired of dating apps – and in its approach, it certainly is “new” and interesting. I mean, it’s Thursday… and now I’m sharing a review on Thursday… mostly since my review on Wednesday isn’t quite done just yet, so enjoy this one!

Thursday’s motto is “Fuck Dating Apps! Six Days a Week!” – but it operates like any other dating app,… sort of.

On Thursday, you create an account, fill in your info, and upload pictures. The idea that makes it unique, though, is that it encourages meeting up in public and going to different places by basically having people show up there and you meet up using the app. Sort of.

I found the design to be clunky and unhandy. I decided to give it a try to meet new people and make friendships rather than anything beyond that – which arguably is the wrong way to do this… but the event just doesn’t work despite marketing in Germany being rather prevalent.

There are no events nearby and it doesn’t let you say “hey, I’m going to this bar, who’s with me?” or anything like that to organize events yourself. The organization of events appears to be in the hand of admins but if they’re not doing anything in Germany, why make it available and actively promote it over here?

More than anything, I’m confused by the search radius. Like with other dating apps, you can select what sort of people you’re interested (Age, Sex, Location) but the options are incredibly limited.

For Sex, you can select among Male, Female and Non-Binary but the area that you can search for only goes up to 30km… which is just not enough.

I’m not saying that every app needs to have a search radius of 60 km but when I go out with friends, we often don’t stay in our city but rather party in Cologne or other places that are more than 30km away – and trains make these gaps practically irrelevant.

The other thing is that the app is only useable on Thursdays, apparently, but I don’t really know why it has to be Thursday of all days and not Friday or Saturday. Heck, if I have to work on Friday, I won’t party on Thursday.

Overall, the app doesn’t appear to run well, the options available are incredibly limited, the whole premise is flawed, and the fact that the devs call Bumble boring is honestly weird since Bumble works in contrast to these devs’ app. It’s honestly ironic.

That’s not to say that apps like Thursday have no place. Apparently, Thursdays are the holy grail when it comes to dating app usage since people want to protect their weekends… but I’m just confused about the fact that it’s being promoted in Germany when it doesn’t work over here… and the clunky and uninspired design of the app just feels like it is supposed to be deleted right away, mostly out of frustration and not because of you finding someone to date.

But what do I know? Maybe I just find it so appalling that nothing appears to work correctly on this app except for the possibility to “boost your profile x60” for the astonishing price of 20 bucks per month. Holy heck. For an app that only works one day a week, that’s incredibly pricey. Especially considering what subscriptions for other dating apps cost…

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