TSS#42 – #LoveYourBacklog Week 2020

This Friday is Valentine’s Day and you know who most of us probably haven’t shown any love to, yet? The backlog of games in our library!

Kim from Later Levels wrote about this topic on her blog and started a movement of bloggers out there sharing some love for their backlogs! Yay!

But then again, it doesn’t affect me as much as it should, really. I take my time getting to games I want to get to, and ever since I started blogging and streaming, I’ve been able to cover a lot more games than usual, resulting in my backlog only being at a whopping 723 unplayed games! Yay! Out of a total of 823 Games and about 325 DLCs! If you wanna stare at my massive library, you can do so over here at my profile.

I could swear that my numbers here were bigger and that I was well above 900 games, to be honest, but maybe Steam stopped counting DLCs as their own games, resulting in the shrink at these numbers. Anyways, this week there are bloggers all over the world who are essentially nominating games for a few different categories! On top of that, there is going to be a whole month dedicated to one game out of our backlog and personally… I’d be excited about that, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play too much in March. We’ll see about that. 

Anyways, let’s begin with the Nominations!

A game you’re eager to play, but haven’t yet started

This one would be Sniper Elite 4 or Lightmatter. I own both of these games and they both seemed quite interesting. Since I love sniping in shooter-games, I thought that SE4 might be a great addition to my backlog, especially since it was rather cheap at the moment. And as for Lightmatter… it seemed like an interesting Indie Game but even though I installed it, I haven’t been able to play it, yet. 

Now, Lightmatter is quite interesting and I already planned on featuring that in the next Indietail-Review, but as far as SE4 goes… I don’t think that I’ll get the time to play it any time soon as I currently am playing the heck out of Monster Hunter World!

A game you’ve started several times but haven’t yet finished

A game that comes to my mind in this category is Undertale. Honestly, it’s a great game and what makes it so great is especially the community around it. The music is the best part about the game and the humour and characters are written quite well, but I never got to finish it. I started it up again the other day and only played so much of it before eventually uninstalling it again. Maybe I’ll play through it one day… but not for now.

The most recent addition to your library

My most recent additions are The Pedestrian and Coffee Talk. I bought them at the same time in the same purchase, so I guess I’ll have to nominate them both. 

The Pedestrian has been great so far! I’ve only played it for two hours on stream before getting to a point where I was just really tired and wanting to head to bed. And afterwards, I didn’t really get a chance to play it (yet! Will soon play it again, I promise!). The soundtrack, presentation and the puzzles are just incredible and it has this unique idea that is just… delightful. I love it to bits.

As for Coffee Talk, I played it for about two hours and then didn’t touch it for a week but I also am planning to play through that before eventually turning it into a review-post. So, you’ll have to wait to hear my opinion on that one, I guess. So far, though, it’s been just lovely. :)

The game which has spent the most time on your backlog

The game that spent the most time on my backlog is apparently Realm of the Mad God but I’m not sure if it counts as it’s been last played on March 23rd, 2014 for an hour (that was my birthday six years ago!). A while later, on July 19th, 2014 Gun Monkeys and East Indie Company Gold found their way into my library but I could play these titles back then, so I ended up not playing them at all “for now” (and here I am, six years later, still not having played these games).

The person responsible for adding the most entries to your backlog

That person probably is past-me who went for every game-giveaway there was back then in order to receive tons of free games. My first ever game on Steam was Dino D-Day. I didn’t buy it but received it for free via Indie-Gala if I remember correctly. Back then I ended up getting a ton of other games as well and I really liked playing a lot of them. The first-ever game I bought was Don’t Starve Together, though, which I’ve played for only twenty hours in the last four years. That’s quite sad, isn’t it? Apart from that, present-me occasionally grabs a title here and there from the steam store and Humble Bundle also provides me with a lot of cool games for a nice price that helps charity organisations around the world, so I guess those people are responsible for that.

Anyways, this is basically my post. Follow the hashtag #LoveYourBacklog to find out about other people’s posts! Share some love to your backlog or try to get to it at your own pace without stressing too much about it. I personally get bored quite often from just one game and swap to the next one when that happens but right now I really am busy with Monster Hunter World, so that probably won’t happen any time soon for me personally. We’ll see.

Until then, cheers!

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