I thought I’d share some of my favourite new screenshots for once!


I really like that screenshot because Nergigante, while not my favourite Elder Dragon, really looks stunning. The ruiner version is bone-y and flesh-y and honestly, it just fits the theme of undead things, that I kind of fancy in general.

Apart from that, we had a fun run in Risk of Rain 2 the other day where I played this stupid On-Kill-Build with friends. They played the huntress and the mercenary while I played as the Captain and I really had a blast as my items synergised incredibly well with my equipment, the “Forgive-Me-Please” Vodoo-Doll that procs all on-kill effects of yours in a circle around it. All the monster teeth, will-o-wisps, ceremonial daggers, and all kinds of other effects that I stacked basically did a great job of hard-carrying the run, even when my allies died during some of the later stages. On top of that, I also got a bunch of items that allowed my normal attacks to also dish out a bunch of damage. The funniest part was that I took two shaped glasses and Mythrix, the final boss of the game, basically steals your items during one of his stages… which means he got those as well. On top of that, since we took Swarm, we had to fight two Mythrixes at half health but both of them only had a 25% of their health, each, meaning that they were sitting at only 12.5% health each and just died. The game didn’t realise that they died, so we just got the prompt of running away right after it spawned. A lot of fun!

And because of that here are three screenshots from the end-screen! As you can see, we played with Sacrifice, Command and Swarms on, meaning that monsters drop items, we can choose our own items, and double spawns but with 50% health. The important bit here, however,… look at my damage and then compare it to Zesty’s or Lag’s damage! Hilarious! Obviously, I had more items than them but that was mostly due to them dying in the later stages and me being able to pick up a lot more items during the last few areas.

At last, here’s a screenshot of me and Frosti slaying an Odogaron that I needed for some material that I got as well. I love playing with my Hunting Horn build as it deals decent damage while also giving people utility! Obviously, I still need to get that Ebony Odogaron Mantle but according to Naithin, I can get that through the Melter, which should be quite doable! I have yet to try that!

Thought this would be a fun idea because I didn’t know what to post today. Hope you enjoyed these screenshots! Not sure if I’ve ever really tried posting shorts like this one but I liked the idea!


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