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A while ago, I was writing about how I want to post more often and also create new content and maybe even meddle with podcasts or video reviews. Hence, I figured I should maybe post an update on that. 

For starters, I’ve been keeping up my daily blogging-streak for 69 days in a row (well, 70 now…) and have been having a lot of fun with blogging in general as of late. That’s a great thing. Now and then, I’ve noticed problems arising like missing prompts, etc. …but I’ve dealt with that by stocking up on silly drafts and more serious drafts and drafts on games in my library that I wanted to talk about. Alas, I now have the problem of “what should I post today” instead of “what should I post”. “Die Qual der Wahl” – The torture of choice or as Sartre would say: We’re condemned to be free… or in my case, I have too many games to play and too much choice, in contrast to the Humble Choice posts where I have just two: Pause it or pick it all.

Next up, I’ve recorded another interview with a developer. The first-ever interview I did on here was with Forrest Dowling from The Molasses Flood right before the release of Drake Hollow! It was a written interview since I didn’t feel too confident in recording anything but I’m looking forward to taking that step now and moving on to a mix of written and video interviews. The full interview will be released on YouTube once I’ve figured out what to call the channel and how to render stuff… also, I was thinking of maybe editing it a little bit to adjust the audio levels and render it and that kind of stuff… although, I have yet to figure out how to do all of that. I’m a bit rusty in the editing department, you see… so that’s an issue I’ll have to worry about later. In essence, I’ll have the full interview on YouTube for anyone that’s interested in 25 minutes of interesting questions on Beacon Pines with one of the developers… as well as some laughs. I’ll also write a post on everything and shorten the interview a little bit so that you get the important bits in the written format and the more elaborate explanations and full answers in the video there.

The plan with the channel is to either go with “Dan Indiecator”, “Indiecator” or “MagiWasTaken” as for the username… the first variant and the latter are a bit less brand-able, I guess, so it’s most likely going to be “Indiecator” on YouTube if that name isn’t taken already. I’m looking forward to potentially uploading first impressions of games or maybe even full video-reviews on there that show footage of the games with my voiceover or something. That way I can reach more people with my reviews and find a bigger audience, I guess… which is great because more people will find out about these Indie Gems! 

Another thing I could do would be to record and upload the first half-hour or so of Gameplay to YouTube and embed it into my written reviews, so that you can see the gameplay for yourself… but I’m not entirely sure if that’s really in line with my current style of reviews. I’ll think about it but I’ll most likely pass on that.

Next up: Podcasts. Anchor and WordPress have this nice collaboration going on where you’re able to fully voice posts within minutes and upload them to Anchor, Spotify, and so on. It’s a nice feature and I’m looking forward to uploading those eventually so that people can listen to my reviews maybe. I doubt that I’ll grow a platform on there but it’s going to be something nice for people that already read my reviews or that just want to listen to my voice or something while they do mundane tasks or when they want to go to bed. I’d also like to talk about gaming-related topics, upcoming releases, thoughts on different matters, Twitch-related stuff, and all of that with someone else on a monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly podcast of sorts. I feel like that would be quite cool but I’ve never done that so it’s going to be interesting!

Alas, there is plenty of things to do. I’d imagine that I could also create edits of Stream Vods to grow a platform on YouTube and transition it into a bigger audience on Twitch… but I’m honestly not too concerned about that and I’m not entirely sure if I want to do that. I don’t want to grow too much, to be honest… we’ll see.

Anyways, that’s the plans for the future, kinda. Looking forward to it!


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  1. 70 days! Congrats! I think the longest I’ve managed is 38 or so and that left me fairly well spent. Haha. Maybe you’ll end up one of those always-bloggers like Bel. :)

    One thing I would say though — I must admit, I’m not a fan of the column view for the posts here. Feel free to ignore that if you do like it! I can always read in WP Reader instead, but just in case you were on the fence too, perhaps this can help. xD

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    1. I’m honestly a bit torn. I like the theme, in general, a lot, especially with the new colour palette. The column view is… interesting. I feel a bit split about it. I heard from a bunch of people that they really like it… meanwhile I like the two columns but for whatever reason, some people see three columns, which is… interesting. But then again, yeah, the reader works quite well, so… I essentially will stick to this for now and see how it goes, I guess. Thanks for the feedback!

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      1. If you like it, all good. :) I do usually get three columns FWIW. It’s a responsive theme that will create or cull the third column depending on the pixel width of the browser window. It will even drop to a single column if you make the window small enough — but not exactly how I prefer to size my browser! xD

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