JJK-Appreciation Post

While I originally planned on taking a look at more demos today, I decided against that since one of the demos wasn’t available anymore and the other ones were causing troubles with my eyes. Today, I’ve been struggling quite hard with my migraine and for whatever reason, it’s acting up more whenever I tried to play a game and found some lighting that’s been weird and then I wanted to start up the other one but I’m in a slump today and couldn’t find the drive to start it up, let alone write about it. Me being in a slump and also me being in pain are two reasons why I’m not going to look at a game today. Neither demos nor reviews. I don’t want to talk badly about a game just because I feel bad and I want to be in a better mindset when I try out games again… Hence, I decided to weeb out about some shows that I love and adore that came out last season or this season and that people need to watch… But then I noticed that I filled out the post completely with me fanboying over Jujutsu Kaisen, so… uh… this post is now about Jujutsu Kaisen, I guess.

First of all, shoutouts to awesome people like MoeGamerPetePinkie and Fujo as they make me believe that the anime/manga community isn’t actually as toxic as I thought it was. I had way too many bad experiences with countless bigots, incels, sexists, and other idiots in the past, especially with the countless forms of gatekeeping in the community… I really hated the fact that I actually enjoy anime/manga. So, these guys up there are great and I can’t recommend their blogs enough. Pete can also be found over here where he wrote a nice article on Kana Little Sister!

That being said, I wanted to talk about a show that I’ve watched last season and shows that I’m watching this season and that more people need to watch.

For starters, you may have seen this incoming since I linked to Fujo’s JJK post, but I’m a huge fan of Jujutsu Kaisen and it’s just glorious. As Fujo already pointed out, all the men in there are hotties… and I’d love to switch places with them via a simple clap (heh). The fights are awesome, the manga was co-written by great minds… The sound design is incredible. I think JJK may be one of the best-produced shows from last season with great minds like Hiroshi Seko, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Tadashi Hiramatsu, and Seong-Hu Park in the team. 

The director, Seong-Hu Park, is known for his work on Space Dandy, The God Of High School (he worked on the animation aka the only good part), FMA: Brotherhood, Yuri!!! on Ice, Zankyou no Terror (underrated as fuck!), and Zombieland Saga. I mean, him having worked on the key animation of some of Space Dandy’s episode is already enough to convince me that he’s great and that he made JJK such a great adaptation… but I honestly, before I wrote this post, I didn’t know that he was involved in Zankyou no Terror… an absolutely stunning show. Maybe I’ll talk about that another time. Anyways, Hiroaki Tsutsumi worked on the Soundtrack of JJK, Devil May Cry (the anime), Dr. Stone, Ao Haru Ride, Kuromukuro (underrated show!), and Orange, which is already a great portfolio I’d say. His work on Kuromukuro and Dr Stone made me a fan… and frankly, there aren’t any bad tracks in the JJK soundtrack. You can listen to it on Spotify and not only do the openings slay but the endings are wonderful and the overall theme of the score is amazing and I love it and my vocabulary isn’t advanced enough in terms of soundtrack and music, so I can’t really say more about it. Just listen to it. Do it. Now. I should maybe also mention that Wonder Egg Priority’s Sound Director, Akiko Fujita, also played a big part in making the soundtrack this good in JJK but I frankly don’t really know too much about peoples’ roles, so I don’t know if the Sound Director has as big of an impact as the composer of the soundtrack. I loved his work on Wonder Egg Priority, so I figured I need to mention him regardless of what a sound director actually does. Yes, I’m a pleb. Anyways, Tadashi Hiramatsu worked previously on Key Animation in Beck, Banana Fish, FLCL, Parasite, Mushishi (one of my favourite shows btw), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (yes, also one of my favourites), and Yuri!!! on Ice, so it was clear to me that this show would be amazing once I’d watch it. At last but not least, there is also Hiroshi Seko who worked on JJK’s Series Composition and I frankly love his work on the Series Composition and/or Scripts of Kill La Kill (great show!), Attack Titan, Mob Psycho 100 (great show!), Inuyashiki (amazing show!), Vinland Saga (amazing show), Zankyou no Terror (again), Banana Fish, and Dorohedoro.

Again, the staff has been filled with nothing but talent and it’s amazing to see that it actually paid out as the show was a major success. It seems that they got the shounen-formula down and I really like how they rush from combat to combat but keep the momentum going without adding filler. This is something that a lot of shows have done in the past where they tried to keep things spicy but at the same time, JJK manages to give us brief moments to catch our breathes so that the show doesn’t actually feel rushed. The story could very much be compared to JJK’s combat in a way as it really packs a punch, giving you what you want, kind of baiting you in, trying to get your attention, and once it has your attention it comes up with something completely different that you didn’t know you wanted until you got it. Now, it basically just sounds like I’m fanboying over JJK but… no, wait, I AM just fanboying over JJK. Never mind. It’s true. I love the show. The soundtrack, again, super good! The animation, again, super good! Everything, again, super good. I love it.

The premise itself is relatively easy. A lot of things happen, so Itadori Yuji, the main character, attends a “school” to train in exorcising curses that are created by negative feelings… and it’s good. I can’t really say much here, really. The Manga has been amazing. The show is basically a typical shounen show but with a few twists to it… It kind of reminded me Naruto premise-wise but in a good way as I actually liked Naruto and the combat is great and the characters are adorable and the show made me chuckle quite a bit actually, so, naturally, I’ll write about it.

But I don’t really have much else to say about the show that wouldn’t result in major spoilers, so uh, that was it for the post. You gotta watch JJK. Do it. Now.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out — much appreciated. “Fandoms” in general kind of suck these days because they’re filled with the sort of people you describe above; you’re always best off just trying to seek out individual people who are into things you’re interested in rather than “joining a community”. It’s harder work, but it tends to pay dividends in the long term.

    Regardless, never feel shame for what you enjoy, regardless of other people who might claim to be into it. In my experience, the worst kind of people out there aren’t even really into the things they somehow end up in the communities for — they just sort of ended up there as part of the general way that society has of filtering out “misfits” of one form or another. In other words, try not to feel bad about liking something that you know toxic people are into; a better approach is to try your best to be a positive ambassador for it!

    That’s what I’ve always aspired for, and while I haven’t always got it right, it’s certainly worked out better than jumping into the sewers and pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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    1. Oh, my approach is just “don’t call me an otaku because that’s cringy” and “even if I enjoy this, I’m not like those dickheads”. :) So I figured I should just put in the disclaimer there and rather mention three individuals that are great and gave me hope for the “fandom” :D including you :P


  2. Thank you for mentioning me!

    I find myself a bit weirded out by “the anime fandom” myself. To me Anime is so vast, I don’t think it needs to be “protected” by a lot of these toxic people trying to give it a certain standard, or whatever they try to do. I would not even call myself .. a “fan” . I love anime, I do that in my own way and on my own terms, and I assume so do you. Just because the toxic people think you have to have watched more than just Naruto or because the majority likes Shounen like MHA doesn’t mean you have to or be define by their regime. We all love a medium in our own way! And I really compare it to other love as well.

    I might fall in love with a girl that would not be deemed handsome in the eyes of the many but love a more dorky look and clumsy demeanour , no one will tell me if I don’t feel attracted to D-Cup girls with blonde hair that my love is fake or that I need to have standards. So why would love for media like anime need to be any different.

    Your article shows this perfectly, you love anime, you love it in your own way, you love the process, you love the effort people put in it and it really shows in this article! That is all that has to matter! It’s also why people like you never should doubt about their role in the community! You should not feel ashamed to be part of this community! This blog shows why you should be proud to be part of it! Because we need people like you to counterbalance that other side!

    Thanks for sharing your love for this anime with us!

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  3. First off THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS 😳😭 I’m so emotional now!! And omg I was away for some time but seriously the fandom has gotten rather toxic in recent years, I’m glad we’re helping in some way to make you feel welcome :D And omggggggg this post is amazing!! I honestly have no idea about the people behind the scenes of shows but seeing you break it down for me, no wonder jjk was a huge success!! I bet everyone was working extra hard on it, the cast of people is just WOW. And yes jjk is amazing and yes the guys are all SMOKIN and the ost? Can’t stop listening 💯💯

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