Not to get too political but…

Originally, I wanted to post my review on The Longing today but I can’t figure out how to formulate something… which is why I wanted to quickly whip up this post here about politics. They suck!

We’re electing a new chancellor soon over here in Germany and while that may seem exciting it’s also very daunting. I mean, Scholz and Laschett have both been known for some financial disasters as well as other instances of them being corrupt assholes… but nobody criticises them. Meanwhile, Baerbock slips up during speeches and polished her CV a bit and people get super angry at it. Baerbock wasn’t super good at university… but at least she didn’t roll the dice on the grades of students like Laschett did. Laschett has no idea about climate change and what needs to be done and is only repeating what others tell him. Scholz will essentially work for the lobbies and prevent us from having a future – but why would he care? He’s gonna be dead by then anyway. Baerbock looks like the best candidate here even though she has a few slip-ups. I’m not saying that she’s the perfect candidate but frankly, she’s the lesser evil, especially as she wants to raise the taxes on oil and fuel as soon as possible. People criticize her for that but don’t know that the CDU and SPD already had plans for exactly that… Baerbock’s suggestion is just to move the peak of that price increase ahead and essentially reducing emissions starting next year instead of waiting for five years.

So, people give shit to her because she’s a woman, mostly, and “men get it done”, which is just misogyny. I don’t get why your sex would matter in terms of leadership but whatever. People idiots.

And I just wanted to rant like that for once because I have hardly anyone to talk about politics these days and oh boy, that felt good. Vote green or whatever, lol.


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