Indiecator just received an Upgrade!

So, I’ve now done it. I got the personal plan on WordPress and that effectively is gonna make my blog a lot better now. Hence, here we are on! Any links from before still work but you get automatically redirected to the new domain. On top of that, I get a lot more storage space, better hosting and some features that might enable me to do more with the blog.

The best part honestly is that there are no ads. As some of you may know, I don’t earn money from the blog or anything. Still, because I was only on the free plan, there were ads on my blog. They were fine initially but eventually, more of those “DOCTORS HATE THIS TRICK!” ads showed up. I have nothing against people that deliberately run those ads, though. I just think that it typically makes a website look bad in a way. I’m just slightly bothered by those… Also, these ads run by WordPress fucked up my formatting from time to time, which sucked when I put a lot of effort into my posts. On top of that, I didn’t earn anything from them, so the ads just sucked. Now, I don’t have those anymore on the blog and I can rest assured that the viewing experience is better for everyone on the blog. Obviously, I have to pay the annual fee for the plan as well as the domain name but I could, in theory, earn money through commissions to make up for that. I’ll figure something out!

I’m incredibly excited about all of this. I don’t know exactly what some of the new features entail, but the extra storage space, the domain name, and the lack of ads are really nice on their own already. I’m looking forward to fiddling with some of the Jetpack features and other tools. I hope that I get to improve the blog further.

The main reason as to why I didn’t go self-host, btw, is that I’m not good enough with the technical side of things. I don’t know what these certificates and acronyms are – and even with the advice that the blogging veterans in the Blaugust community gave me, I doubt I could deal with all the difficult stuff if something were to break. Hence, this is the easiest solution right now, especially considering my situation at university and in life in general.

Anyway, I just wanted to announce this little change. You now won’t see any ads on here and we got our own domain, which is pretty amazing. I’m super excited about everything here and I can’t wait to publish more blog posts in the future.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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