Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s Release Date was revealed!

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is set to leave Early Access on May 24th, 2022! This is great news as the 1.0 Update will not only mark the full release of the game but it will also add some exciting updates and improvements:

For starters, the Final Campaign Act will be added. Act One and Act Two introduced the Union Movement at LYNX and how their movements lead to changes in the company structure. As Act Two came to an end, things got pretty heated with our Armadillo getting taken away, others getting fired, and LYNX reminding us that we’re their property. They own us. Literally. I can’t wait to see how the Final Act will actually conclude the events of the former two acts – and while I know that the story is somewhat secondary to the gameplay loop, I’d argue that it’s pretty well written. I’m quite hyped for that.

Another big quality of life improvement will be the ability to save & load ships, meaning that you can save your in-progress salvage. You won’t have to lose out on value anymore when you need to quit a huge job half-way through. Furthermore, the Progression and Upgrades have been improved further. Apparently, the pacing is now better, so I’m looking forward to that, especially as I found it to be pretty good already since the last update.

At last, performance and stability got improved, achievements, backgrounds, emoticons, trading cards and all of that has been added, and bugs have been stomped. I’m looking forward to the achievements but for the most part, I’m glad that they worked on some of the performance issues people have been experiencing with certain ships.

The Early Access phase finally made it to the end after two long years and I can’t wait to play the 1.0 once it’s here. There will be another progression reset before that but May 24th is gonna be rad, giving us a whole lot more story to enjoy and a few features that the community has wanted for quite a long time. Honestly, being able to save ships mid-way through the job is pretty amazing as it means you can enjoy the game even if you’re short on time.

If you haven’t yet, you can wishlist Hardspace: Shipbreaker over here or get it yourself, although the price did already increase a fair bit. Also, here’s my review on this phenomenal game!

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