Blaugust2022 – Appreciating LeftTube

So, I didn’t really post anything for the “Creative Appreciation Week” yet as I planned on doing that on the weekend… but then I worked on other posts, some of which felt more “urgent” or I just wanted to talk about them sooner. At the same time, I also needed a bit more time to compile a good list of people to showcase in this post.

Creative Appreciation Week is a themed week that is part of the currently ongoing #Blaugust2022 event. Previously, this was “Developer Appreciation Week” or “Creator Appreciation Week” or something along those lines but in essence, it’s about “showing appreciation for the things and creators that we love”, no matter what sort of stuff they create or things these are. So, from authors, musicians, and artists to developers, bloggers, YouTubers, streamers, and other people… let’s appreciate some.

For this Blaugust’s Creative Appreciation Week, I wanted to showcase creators from a side of YouTube that I started to watch a lot of this year: LeftTube. I’ll explain a bit more later but as the name suggests, some of this is somewhat political. If you’re not into that, that’s totally valid. Personally, I’m very much into politics and philosophy, so I watch left-wing creators and enjoy the topics that are discussed.

Also, Table of Contents! Because I love giving people the option to just skip to certain headings. Hope this is nice. I figured I should kinda explain what this is about… but I also know that some people just don’t care about that at all and that you may be more interested in the actual creators.

Obviously, there are many more creators in the LeftTube sphere but for this post, I wanted to focus on the ones I watch a lot. Hence, I picked out my three favourites because they’re incredibly unique in their style and more importantly because they talk about different topics.

More importantly, through these people’s videos, you’ll most likely be introduced to many other creators (either through YouTube’s algorithm or through these people’s personal recommendations), so I don’t want to take away too… also, this post is long as it is and I don’t wanna spend any more time editing this.

  1. What is “LeftTube”?
  2. Different Flavours of “Left”
  3. Great People incoming!
    1. Shaun
    2. F.D. Signifier
    3. Noah Samsen
  4. Conclusion

What is “LeftTube”?

At its core, LeftTube is a loose group of creators on YouTube (and Twitch) that talk about a variety of topics from a left-wing perspective.

There is also the term “BreadTube” which is a reference to Anarchist Peter Kropotkin’s 1892 book, “The Conquest of Bread”.

“LeftTube” and “BreadTube” are often used synonymously. In reality, though, it seems that some parts of the loose group have developed into different directions, so I don’t really know where people stand politically or what sort of “left” they believe in.

Due to that, I can say that I enjoy most videos/opinions but I don’t like all of them or agree with all of them.

Different Flavours of “Left”

One big issue here is that as mentioned above, there are a lot of different kinds of “Left”.

You can’t just explain what “left” or “right” is by moving on one axis and pinpointing specific areas on a spectrum that people fall under. Rather, it’s more of a compass. There are obviously “Left” and “Right” on the horizontal axis. At the same time, though, there are also “Authoritarian” and “Libertarian” on the vertical axis.

As such, both Stalin and Chomsky (as an example) are on the “left” but according to this graphic that I found on google, Stalin and Chomsky are complete opposites. This graphic here doesn’t have to be correct either but it’s a good image to explain the political compass and differences.

And you can do this as well with economics, I believe, but that’s not the point I want to make.

The point I want to make is that there are many different kinds of “left” and every person has their own sort of flavour. Personally, I want people to have the same rights no matter who they are. I also think that capitalism is bad… but I don’t see how we could possibly escape it.

I’m not the most educated on the matter, though, and I need to inform myself more as time goes on but in this post, I basically won’t get into any of this. I’m against some of the “left-wing” opinions because they clash with my values. Similarly, I find extremism bad no matter what side it’s on.

So, if you find any things voiced by some of the following people questionable, understand that I either don’t have an opinion on that or that I don’t agree with it necessarily. I just like their style and a lot of what they do and say. Not necessarily all of it… but a lot of it.

Great People incoming!


Shaun is a British Youtuber that uploads video essays about a variety of topics. I believe the first video that I saw by him was one where he talked about all sorts of problematic things from Harry Potter after having read all of them (just for that video) and his accent, mannerisms, and just the calmness of his voice really resonated with me, so I subscribed to him.

Every video by him has minimal editing and it doesn’t really rely on any of that to be entertaining. He’s an incredibly droll human talking about things and I just can’t help but be in awe of his essays and how well-written his scripts are.

On top of that, he stays civil through all of his videos and is able to dissect arguments without putting down others, which is just lovely in my opinion. And of course, as a Lich, I need to support a talking skeleton head on YouTube.

F.D. Signifier

F.D. Signifier is an American YouTuber that primarily does video essays on black movies and media as well as sociological topics that are often too much to grasp for me when I try to get into them… but he explains them rather well, in my opinion.

Personally, I really enjoy F.D.’s style a lot because of how he explains topics and how he tries to give context and definitions before getting into the meat of things. I believe that political content often has the issue that people new to it may not have read the book or the theory that some theories are based on and hence new viewers may struggle to understand what is being talked about.

Still, F.D. Signifier’s effort goes a long way. When talking about nihilism and edgelords in his “Dissecting the Manosphere” video, for instance, he talked about Batman and explained some of the big words using an example that I personally can understand a lot.

On top of that, I really appreciate how he gives a Black perspective on a lot of issues that he discusses, something that is often neglected. When talking about fragile masculinity, people most often talk about men and women but don’t realise that there is more to it, especially with the differences between white environments and black environments that occur because of systematic racism.

Anyway, just go watch F.D. Signifier already. And while you’re at it, check out his less-scripted B-Sides channel over here!

Noah Samsen

Noah Samsen is also an American YouTuber but in contrast to the previous two channels, his videos are a lot more edited and more “meme-y” if that makes sense. Still, the topics he talks about are incredibly well-scripted and well-thought-out.

While Shaun does a lot of research and while F.D. knows a lot about sociology and philosophy, Noah feels more relatable to me in terms of the language he uses when discussing specific topics.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t know stuff… He knows plenty and I’m in awe because of it given that Noah’s only a year older than me…

But I love his takes on fragile masculinity, the manosphere, radicalization, and many other topics.

The first video I watched by him was “Critical Race Theory: Manufactured Outrage”, a video in which he explains why people are so mad about CRT and how that rage is due to a lie… but he also has many other great videos that I can highly recommend. Just pick any of them and you’ll most likely enjoy them.


This post is already quite long, so I wanted to talk about a few more things…

First of all: If you don’t like these, that’s fine. If you don’t agree with my political opinion, that’s fine, too. If you’re, however, someone that goes out of their way to attack others, be it because of bigotry or any other reason, don’t. Stop that. That’s not good.

Second of all: Noah Samsen made this lovely playlist here called “Manosphere Deprogramming“. It showcases a lot of great content creators talking about the Manosphere and why they’re problematic… while also giving valid opinions and counter-options to the Manosphere. I highly recommend checking that out and maybe you’ll find some nice channels in the process, too.

Thirdly: Noah Samsen also made “A Practical Guide to Leftist YouTube“, talking about all sorts of creators. I highly recommend checking that out if you wanna know about where people stand politically and stuff as well as what sort of content they produce.

That’s all. Thanks for reading up to this point. Appreciate you!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

4 thoughts on “Blaugust2022 – Appreciating LeftTube

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  1. Some interesting stuff here, thanks. I know a little about BreadTube as I’ve heard them called. I don’t watch much in the political YouTube sphere, though I have some strong opinions like everyone else and I’m certainly on the left on the American scale at least. The only video creators I’ve watched much sorted into BreadTube are Big Joel, who has some interesting videos about cultural and political matters in movies and other media, and Jenny Nicholson, who doesn’t seem to talk much about politics at all even though she’s lumped into that group, so maybe I missed something there.

    The point I tend to disagree with some left-leaning types online is about the harm done by certain sexual depictions especially in games. I think I’m just coming from a different perspective because I’m admittedly a weeb and almost entirely play Japanese/Japanese-influenced games, and the indie scene especially is full of sexualized depictions, but they don’t usually feel exploitative to me in the way some of these commenters talk about. That might just be me trying to cope with and excuse the fact that I like lewd stuff, but sometimes I just think they’ll attack series without considering context (like say a game that’s obviously over-the-top with its depictions and intended for adults anyway.) But then it’s also possible that I’m not considering what’s going on with the western and especially the AAA market, which I don’t follow or care about. I’m also a man — I guess that has to be considered. I haven’t changed my views on a few certain controversial games that I’ve written about on my site, but I’m always happy to hear differing opinions and arguments.

    But that’s a pretty damn minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately I’m still very much somewhere on the left side of that graph, the bottom left specifically. Maybe somewhere around where Nelson Mandela is placed, good guy to associate with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, there are way too many creators. I can highly recommend Shaun’s videos. They’re really well produced and nice to listen to.
      I think the issue with political stuff on YouTube is that a lot of it is fueled by Drama. LeftTube is less of that in my opinion.

      Honestly, no idea. When it comes to sexual depictions in anime and games, some of it is gross even… but there are a lot of people out there that will defend it to their graves. I think it’s fine to disagree on some topics and to agree on others. Opinions are just opinions, after all. Same goes for values. Same goes for your political standpoint.
      And like… Kill La Kill is amazing and at first, I was confused as to what I’m exactly watching and how I should feel about it but eventually, it just turned into very, very, very good Shounen stuff and the over-the-top clothing (or lack thereof) just seemed natural.

      In my opinion, the over-sexualization of women is an issue, no matter where you go, especially considering how men aren’t getting equally oversexualized. It’s an issue that we’ll have to talk about even if we don’t come to a consensus. Recently, I talked about controversies (like with Dinkum) but I know that we can’t solve those just by talking about it… We as bloggers, however, can spread awareness on these topics. When a game’s developer is being a huge arse, we can report on that. When a game is problematic, we can talk about it. If we think that it’s less of an issue, we can talk about that, too. Discourse is important.

      Naturally, we’ll disagree but as long as we stay civil about it, it’s fine. Everyone has their own values.

      About cultures having different perspectives… Eh. It’s hard to argue that way because some people will defend Nazis that way. Just not a great argument to make… but like, that’s too big of a barrel to open up in this comment. I may write about it in the near future. Feyerabend and stuff, haha.

      Thanks for your insights!

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      1. I’ll be sure to check out Shaun. The name does ring a bell. Thanks!

        As for the sexual depictions, I can certainly recognize that I have a high tolerance for them myself. There are some types I don’t like — when I just find them really gratuitous or distracting from the story, the gameplay, whatever it is. So I won’t say oversexualization isn’t an issue at all, because I agree that there’s a conversation to be had there. But definitely always a civil one, yeah. Even though we disagree, reasonable people can always at least have civil conversation on these subjects. The trouble is when passions start to run high (especially on Twitter, man.)

        The cultural argument is an interesting one too. I’m not approaching it from a “Japanese perspective” exactly, since I’m not Japanese and can’t speak from that experience at all, but also because it feels like more of a niche fan/nerd/whatever sort of angle more than one bound to a particular country. I could be wrong about that too — I’m not a sociologist, and you’d probably need real training and education in that field or a similar one to get to a serious conclusion. But I’ll definitely acknowledge there’s a limit to how far the “different cultures” argument can go; if you support total cultural relativism you end up having to justify some horrible things as you point out. I’d be interested to read your thoughts if you do decide to write about it.

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