So, about those Gamescom Interviews…

I just looked through my recordings and it appears that the voices of the people I interviewed are audible and relatively clear. The thing that will take the longest for me, though, will be to transcribe all of these. Anyway, today I wanna talk about formatting and the struggles of transcribing/planning these.

Also, cat pictures.

  1. Turning Audio Files into Posts…
  2. What I’ll have to do:
  3. What do I do about the Format?
    1. Post Titles and SEO stuff
  4. Lots of work to do, eh?

Turning Audio Files into Posts…

So, I say “transcribe” but what I mean is typing out what has been said. I won’t publish the audio files, after all, so I need to write down all the answers and get them published at some point in the next few days.

My main concern was that with exhibitors having to wear masks and with the Gamescom being quite loud… audio quality is rough.

It’s draining to listen to these longer interviews without breaks while writing down everything people say because of how much background noise there is and how much I need to focus.

Google do better… pls.

I’d imagine that there are tools to transcribe these easier but most of the ones I tried didn’t seem to allow files that are longer than a minute…

I tried some free trials but none of them really seemed too accurate either, which is a real bummer, actually. Since there aren’t really any free options either, people have to go with Google’s (and very short files) or pay hefty sums for some transcription work. I guess the tediousness of the work really factors into the price…

What I’ll have to do:

I’ll have to sit down and…

  • Listen to all the interview files
  • Write down all of it manually
  • Then sort the questions and do the formatting
  • Check for accuracy (name spelling, etc.)
  • Publish!

The issue here is that I’ve got about 88 minutes of material here, so this will take quite a while but if I do it in one go, it will be fine, for sure!

What do I do about the Format?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure about this yet but I plan on titling the interviews as follows:

  • For Dev Interviews:

[Game Title] – An Interview with [Name of the Person] from [Studio Name]

  • For Publishers:

What’s a Publisher? – An Interview with [Name of the Person] from [Publisher Name]

  • And then there’s one post at the end of it all that will be a work of passion:

Getting Into Game Dev – Advice from Developers for Developers!

Photo by Natalie on

These are basically three formats.

The first is about specific games that were present at the GamesCom with a few questions regarding the development of the game, the inspiration, and what makes these special. At the end of it, I asked the developer(s) in question what advice they’d give to new devs.

The second is about what publishers are actually about. The files are longer as I asked what they do and what they seek in devs as well as success stories/flops. At the end of it, I also asked them about what advice they’d give to new devs.

And the last one is basically that last question but an amalgamation from all the interviews. I wanna write an article about what people need to be aware of/what they should realise when they get into game dev.

Essentially, it’s the answers of all these devs and publishers that will be put into one separate article that hopefully can help developers out that wanna try themselves at this. The best part about it is that a lot of it has a similar tenor… but each and every answer is unique and represents different values which is amazing in my opinion!

Post Titles and SEO stuff

I don’t want to chase stats here but it’d be great if especially that last post would reach a lot of people, so I’m wondering how to actually type out that title… and frankly, I have no clue. I have got to ask a bunch of people when the time comes and then incorporate their opinions into that.

Once that post is out, I hopefully will have it fully optimised for search engines so that new devs can ask the almighty search engines “advice for indie devs” and the almighty search engines will hopefully link to that specific post.

This is probably a lot easier than I think it is… but I’m overthinking it a lot.

Lots of work to do, eh?

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Self-imposed pressure is silly because it sounded great at first but then I regretted doing this once I added up all the minutes (rounded down btw) and once I realised just how much I’ll have to transcribe these.

In fact, the interviews themselves probably won’t be too long, actually, given that I only asked five to seven questions… but the work behind it is rough, haha.

Still, it’s a passion project and I’m looking forward to publishing all of this once I’m done with the posts.

What’s a little bit annoying, though, is that I need to prepare all the posts in one go. If I were to publish one of them a few days later than others or if I were to publish these few not soon-ish, a lot of these dev interviews could receive less traffic… which means less discoverability for them.

For me, I don’t want to do the SEO stuff but I will kind of have to if I want these games to get more coverage, especially as I’m incredibly excited about a lot of these games!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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