Scheduled Content near the end of 2022

So, I haven’t really been able to write posts in advance and I’ve only barely been able to write these blog posts on time, anyway… Most of my time has been spent studying up so that I can spend more time with my family over the next few days… That went well, actually! I even got to submit that one essay that I have time for until January 9th, meaning no writing on that is necessary at all! Huzzah!

This leaves the blog question, though… a question that is a bit difficult to answer.

I still wanna do daily blogging and once I’m at my parents’ place, I’ll be able to write about all sorts of things in the mornings or when my parents are at work. This Monday and this Tuesday will require me to write scheduled posts, though, given that I’ll spend most of my day travelling home to my parents’ place on Tuesday and given that I’ll spend Monday with my partner’s family and her.

Hence, I’ll be busy today and tomorrow, I guess.

The blog posts in the next few weeks, though, will mostly be written on my laptop… daily… maybe even with some scheduled stuff if I manage to write two posts in a day. Who knows?

So far, this doesn’t sound like a difficult question, does it? Well,… let’s factor in my laptop’s age and it becomes a bit difficult, at least. My laptop is barely hanging on, so I doubt it will go flawlessly… The battery is already dead, and the laptop itself is incredibly slow. Even typing out posts like this one would probably take much longer on my laptop as it struggles to compute me writing relatively quickly. On top of that, I haven’t written on it for quite some time, meaning I’ll also need to get used to a much smaller keyboard and whatnot.

Frankly, I may just end up not writing any posts at some point due to my laptop just dying completely. I guess I could write on my phone in that case but it would severely limit how much writing I could get done.

Anyhow, the title of this post is called “scheduled content” and uh, yeah, I won’t be able to stream, so instead, I figured YouTube Content may be the answer in case anyone wants to see some gameplay or in case anyone needs a distraction.

Thus, I’ve got two videos already up that I recorded ages ago… I forgot to link them. Also, every other day starting from today will feature a new video of sorts, at least until New Year’s Eve. Look forward to that!

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