Two Years of Daily Blogging

So, yesterday, I wrote about my Steam Replay and… well,… that was my 730th post in a row which marks my second year of blogging daily.

Note: The Header Image is from November of 2020, so I figured it’d be fitting here. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. MagiShock.

I believe I started writing daily back in 2020. It wasn’t really intentional, to be honest. I just had a bunch of posts scheduled as I was gone to visit my parents… that paired with the fact that there were many different people posting prompts, I felt the urge to also share my two cents on the prompts and sharing insights on my experiences with different things… and well,…

On December 28th 2020, I talked about Streaming Services and stuff based on a prompt by Wilhelm from TAGN and Bhagpuss.

On December 28th 2020, I also wrote a post on Indie Games to Wishlist in 2021 – but Stray obviously came out this year and not in 2021… Oh, delays… god damn it. Still have to play that even though I hyped it up since 2020.

On December 29th 2020, I wrote a review on We Become What We Behold – a free game that would later blow up in popularity due to some person showing it off on TikTok… which then in turn made people google stuff like “nice hat game” or other sorts of things… which drove a love of traffic to my site and after that I got closer and closer to 3k views but never really got there in 2021… and in 2022, I finally hit that mark multiple times and even 4k views a few times.

I’d imagine that people checking out that review so much in April of 2021 was a major contributing factor to my reviews getting more eyes on them nowadays.

On December 29th, I also took part in the EXP Share Prompt #2 sparked by DaNamesX from Tales From The Backlog and GamingOmnivore – and I talked about some of the first games I played.

On December 30th, I talked about League of Legends’ new items and that I’m looking forward to it… but as it turns out, those were a mistake and they’ve become a balance nightmare.

And then on December 31st, I talked about New Year’s resolutions and positivity and other goals. Fitting.

On that note, December 2020 had a few interesting posts…

After that, I had posts scheduled for the next few days and before I knew it, I hit the One-Week-Achievement, meaning that I’ve been blogging daily for a week now… unintentionally. Again, I only just scheduled posts in that manner because I was at my parents’ place and ended up needing to schedule these posts I wrote in advance in some way, shape or form.

Anyhow, I figured I might as well keep it up and see how long I can keep doing this… and frankly, it’s been a blast.

Blogging daily came with its challenges. I needed to have scheduled posts… I needed to have an internet connection available. At times, when our internet was gone for a few days, I’d write posts on my phone or I’d end up going to the library for research on posts… it was a little rough…

But I also wanted to keep the streak alive, even if it was rough at times. I noticed how writing posts helped me cope with not getting everything done in a day… I realised that I’m not that afraid of losing the streak but much more afraid of not getting back into blogging after I take a break.

I think the big issue for me was that blogging wasn’t part of my routine and I frankly don’t have a routine at all, actually. I’m a student who goes to university during the day on most days, then spends time studying, then eventually takes care of himself, often finally eating some food after hours of forgetting to do so… and then I need to do chores and before I know it, it’s time to write a blog post to continue the streak.

That’s something I’d like to change going forward. I would love to better plan out my weeks in terms of blogging and to maybe dedicate an hour or two in the mornings or evenings to writing a post. I feel like that could be a lot of fun to have more of a planned out and structured day-to-day from now on. I’ll write about that in my resolutions post as well.

And in the upcoming year, I’ll have to see whether or not I can abide a specific schedule for posts with specific prompts and ideas that I could write about. In January of 2021, I did do one “Screenshot Saturday” – why not do more of those? I started Humble Choice posts a few months prior to that, so that’s a series of posts I’ve got going for a rather long time now… who’s to say that I shouldn’t try other monthly posts.

For instance, I love how other bloggers (like Naithin) have these “A Month in Review” posts. I realised while writing this post that it’s rather interesting to look back at a month prior and a year before that and stuff and to just look at what I did and what I didn’t do. It’s interesting to try myself at stuff and report on my success or failure of that. I’d love to see if I could keep that sort of habit up and if that could lead to further self-improvement.

Furthermore, I want to review older games again. I’ll still cover new games and stuff but limiting myself to “JustOnePercent” felt difficult and frustrating at times. I still wanna review some of my favourite Indies out there and while nobody forbid me from doing so, I just didn’t think I could write non-project reviews while also working on reviews on new games… Hopefully, I can do that more often in the near future.

Anyway, cheers to hopefully another year of daily blogging! Thanks for reading thus far and thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate it! I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts up until now… I’m looking forward to getting better at blogging in the next year as well.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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  1. Congrats!!! And these are some good goals, it’s tough blogging daily, i only did it for blaugust and it’s pretty much how you described, it’d be night sometimes when I’d think oh no i haven’t written anything! That’s something else I’m trying to work on too xD and that screenshot idea sounds fun!!

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