AIxistential Dread

AI is on the rise and it almost feels like we’re in the middle of some sort of Sci-Fi movie where people use AI to generate revenue and replace humans to lead them into a new Utopian era… and eventually, AI takes over and eradicates humans.

I mean, I’ll become a teacher. At least that’s my goal. I’ve struggled with my studies… and at this point, I’m questioning whether I should become a teacher because I’ll probably get replaced by some advanced program at this point. It feels surreal but AI is getting smarter and will probably take away my job in the future.

Similarly, I like drawing but nowadays, I feel like it’s not worth it to practice anatomy and stuff since AI will most likely just take what I draw and use it for its database to replicate it… in better. Effortlessly. Without any involvement at all.

And then there’s writing. This blog is operated by one single human and AI will probably take what I write and steal it, copy it, scan it, analyze it, and just do what I do… but better.

I’m not a hater of the idea of AI, I just find it honestly incredibly upsetting that people disregard copyright laws, effort and passion so much to then create a cheap and fast copy of something that someone spent hours on.

I wrote about it before but it’s absurd that people compete in art competitions with AI-generated artwork.

It’s not their own artistic talent or artistic knowledge that could win them prizes… it’s the work of others. It’s the hours and hours and the blood, sweat and tears that other people put into this hobby to make it work. It’s their passion. It’s their breaths. It’s their effort.

At this point, I feel like tracing people’s art is more skilful than using an AI to do the artwork. “Chapeau!” to the art tracers and the people that replicate art by drawing it themselves. “Middle fingers up!” to the people that just copy+paste artwork and put it into a machine that then creates some AI-generated artwork.

Honestly, this upsets me on a personal level.

The other day, I found this article on Stephen Thaler who generated artwork with DABUS, an A.I. system he built. He then filed suit against the U.S. Copyright Office, arguing his A.I.-generated art should be granted protections – and he keeps filing suits every year about it because he thinks that his owning DABUS means that he owns any art that DABUS creates but DABUS isn’t human, so copyright doesn’t apply.

In fact, the copyright is just gone, no matter where the inspiration is and until there are laws in place for this sort of stuff, people can just rip other people’s artists and use AI to create their own stuff.

The other day, a friend of mine on Twitch raided after their stream into another VTuber. That VTuber then told us that they used AI for their PNG model… so we unfollowed.

It’s just sickening, honestly, to see people support that crap. I’m sure they’re not bad people or anything but they’re essentially just supporting stuff that threatens the livelihoods of people that can’t work “normally” and hence live from commission work like this.

Heck, I managed to create my own model for the very first time during a 24-hour stream… if someone were to replicate that with AI, I’d be pissed off.

On that note, plagiarism!

The Tech News Outlet CNET has been found to be using AI to write articles about personal finance without any prior announcement, I’ve read the other day. There were about 73 articles written by ChatGPT that were then fact-checked and edited by humans… but it’s sort of scary.


Well,… there are plenty of content scrapers out there already who just take articles automatically and publish them as their own.

It happens to me often, actually, and it’s a huge hassle when it happens.

And well, my blog posts could in theory be used to train some AI to learn how to write reviews. That AI could then write that stuff… or any post that I put in a lot of work and research into could be used to feed some AI’s knowledge of this sort of stuff… and then they could write a better article or just more articles in a lot less time than I can do…

And then eventually, the AI Uprising comes and AIs create more AIs and they continue to replace and eventually destroy humans.

I don’t really think that it’s all doom and gloom… but it just feels so surreal that people want copyright protection on stuff that they “create” after stealing people’s art. I find it surreal that people try so hard at making AIs smarter to then compete in competitions that real humans are putting a lot of effort into.

If this leads to our world ending faster, I’m all for it… but please hurry up a little, will ya?

I don’t know. I just wanted to rant a little and vent frustrations today… Hope you enjoyed this post. Cheers.

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