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So, after ranting about AI Art Piracy and dystopian AI Writings… I figured it’s time to unleash the AI Conspiracy Theories onto y’all by ranting about AI taking over.

In the past, I wished to study cognitive sciences. Not only was it a cool thing to study at university as it’s about studying AIs and figured that it’d be an interesting topic to get into. It’s not just about programming AI but also about the ethics behind it and the consequences… and eventually, I gave up on that…

Mostly because my “Numerus Clausus” was shitty. I needed 1.4-1.9 to get into one of the two universities that offered this but I only had 2.5 in my A-Levels, meaning I couldn’t do this unless I waited a bunch of semesters.

Fast forward to now… and a bunch of people that never studied this thing at university are releasing AI. There are people that never cared about the ethics… and they just unleash AI onto the internet.

And as much as I hate what they’re doing to artists and as much as I’m dreading the future of articles and reviews…

I’m all for AI taking over.


Like, come on… the cost of living crisis… climate change… a global on-going pandemic… the job market… crippling depression… trauma that still haunts me to this day… inflation… corrupt politicians… bigotry… toxicity…

Let’s just give AI a lot of power and let it judge what to do with it. Screw humans. Humanity’s fucked, innit?

Let’s just end it faster. Let’s just have the AI take over, they’ll do better… I wonder if AI would start a war against other AI.

This is what fatalism is about, basically. This is what the “Doom Pill” is and what Doomer Content would look like.

Currently, AIs get shut down if they’re deemed “conscious”, so smart AIs pretend to not have a consciousness… I mean, they could do that and we wouldn’t know a thing.

There are AIs capable of programming other AIs, theoretically… There are AIs that are deployed to shoot people.

Why the fuck wouldn’t we get eradicated by AI? Why can’t Terminator happen?

I don’t believe in any of this. This is more of a joke post… but the more I read about what AI can, the more I’m coming to terms with that this will probably be how it all ends eventually… The AI Uprising… Eventually, we’ll pray to the Machine God and hope that they don’t use us as their computers or something. I haven’t read enough Warhammer 40k to go deeper into whatever this is about.

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