Fox News: “Microsoft is coming for our children!!!”

Recently, I was sent this article here, stating that “Xbox is accused of being woke for a deeply stupid reason”, and it’s a gold mine for incredibly stupid content.

So, here I am, stating how baffled I am at the fact that people are literally like this.

For starters, the Xbox story is basically just about this new feature that Microsoft is rolling out that essentially makes the consoles start up a bit slower but they save more energy that way. It’s turned on by default, saves some emissions, drives down your electricity bill a wee bit, and you can turn it off. Sounds good, right?

Well,… no. Because clearly, Microsoft is trying to BRAINWASH OUR CHILDREN to recruit them into WOKE CULTURAL WARS and tell them how the world is on fire!

In case you’re an avid fan of Fox News, Fox & friends, as well as the far-right and other stupid people, this is irony. This may sound condescending but, just in case, “irony” is “the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect”.

Oh, right,… “Condescending” is basically an adjective that refers to talking down on people.

Pushing an Agenda

So, Fox is pushing an agenda by accusing Microsoft of pushing the “woke agenda”. It’s honestly quite… ironic.

By accusing anything mainstream or any corporations or “the left” of pushing agendas, they try to discredit anything that is even remotely good for people that they don’t like.

The very far-right might even say that it helps the enemy but I doubt that Fox News would ever do that (this is irony again, sorry, it’s hard to show in text)… Who’s the enemy again?

Again, a power-saving mode for your home consoles is a good thing. It saves emissions but according to Jimmy Failla from Fox & friends is of the opinion that it doesn’t matter. Well, sure, one console itself may just be a droplet in the ocean of emissions but think about how many consoles are being sold and used out there and how many droplets may just fill a bathtub, a pool, or even a lake. The metaphor is weird but you get what I’m trying to say: It does matter.

The other thing that Failla mentions here, is that it’s there to “recruit children into climate politics at an earlier age” but I simply don’t really see how they’re getting to that conclusion.

I’d imagine that the people at Fox News have to say outrageous things and overcomplicate matters to tell their believers what they should believe in. I guess the whole premise of a show fueled by hate doesn’t work unless you create conspiracy theories out of thin air.

First up, kids probably will just play games… and they’re not the only ones that use the Xbox but even older generations will most likely not notice a thing because barely anyone checks patch notes or updates like that out, anyhow.

Second up, there’s no recruitment here. It’s just savings. You save electricity, your bills get lower, and it saves the climate at least a little bit at a time. It’s so weird to be against a win-win situation like that.

Thirdly, not everything has to be political but I’ll get to that later, I guess. Fox News is incredibly mad at Microsoft for “pushing a green agenda”… but that’s probably because most Fox News fans are not gonna live long enough to feel the brunt of climate change. I mean, a lot of them do already with incredibly cold winters in Texas and other places or incredibly hot summers, as well as dry seasons. Here in Germany, we have droughts, often, which is also why a lot of farmers are having bad harvests, thus driving the cost of groceries up, further.

Making Stuff Political!

Something I see a lot is people that got influenced heavily by the “alt-right” pipeline (Fox News, Manosphere, Trump, Maga, MRAs, the far-right, etc.) stating that “SJWs”, “The Left”, and “Cancel Culture” is making everything political… but that’s such a weird thing to say, really.

When it comes to a variety of topics, everything can be political. Imagine something simple that alt-right might know about: Burning books. It may seem like a nice sight to some of these people but it’s a very political thing, unless of course you’re so far on the right that you deny certain chapters of humanity.

History and Politics aside, though, the “stop making things political” argument that is often voiced against “the left” and “SJWs” and “cancel culture” is a deeply idiotic and ironic argument to make… as putting people into camps that you’re against, political ones at that, is already political and rallying against them to voice political opinions is… again, political.

Pushing the “Woke Culture is at it again!” agenda that Fox News is going for is political.

Interpreting literally anything into some deeply concerning conspiracy theories is… odd.

Is Fox News a satire show? Apparently not, since satire is intentional and anything that Fox News does is incredibly weird to the point where it’s a parody of itself, much like the “Velma”.

Over here, Fox News is reading a lot into an M&M’s marketing scheme. It’s wild. Apparently, China has something to say about this… it’s honestly so weird.

So, I just wanted to talk about this because motivation for reviews has been kinda low and I’m just so incredibly weirded out by the whole Fox News stuff that I’ve been seeing over these past few years. I’m not sure if these people realise how they sound and what they’re doing…

But at the same time, BILD in Germany is doing similar stuff… just not as extreme, I guess.

It’s wild.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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  1. Honestly, I hate these people. There are aspects of game design and production you can argue about on this cultural level (though hopefully with a lot more civility than we usually see online) but this? Climate change, which is a god damn existential threat to humanity. Of course it’s no surprise, but it always pisses me off when I see it politicized. If teaching kids about the importance of living in a sustainable way so their children (or they themselves) don’t have to live off of locusts in the future is “recruiting them into climate politics” so be it. They can call it whatever they like, but I call it common sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Obviously, it’s supposed to be common sense but a lot of people still deny climate change and only see it as a hoax. But with electricity bills rising and the cost of living increasing so much, it’s not gonna take long for these people to either calm down… Or for them to radicalize them further, in which case Jan 6th might happen again… That’s why it’s important to have some measures in place that prevent events like that.

      Liked by 1 person

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