MagiWasTaken aka Dan (he/him)
Blogger, Streamer and Lich from Germany with a passion for (Indie) Games.
Currently studying English Studies and Philosophy with the goal of becoming a teacher.

Welcome in!

Hope you didn’t get lost along the way.
I’m Dan aka MagiWasTaken and I’m the author of Indiecator. Here I write about all kinds of games but I tend to focus more on Indie Games which is why you can expect a lot of reviews, first impressions, demos, and previews but also posts on daily stuff over here.

Originally I started this blog in 2019 as a hobby. I planned on getting my opinions and my voice out there and recommend gems to people that probably would never have heard of these seriously underrated titles but eventually as time went on, I started to take review requests and I’d end up writing posts on a daily basis since the beginning of 2021. I love this hobby of mine and I’m chuffed to bits with how things are going but obviously, I still have a long way to go and I’m always eager to improve my style, wording and writing in general.

When it comes to reviews, I try to be somewhat objective but since there’s no such thing as “true objectivity”, even for liches like me, I focus on a few aspects of games and talk about how I felt about those aspects. What’s important to me is not only accessibility in games but also things like the overall presentation, art, soundtrack, replayability, plot, and mechanics. There are a lot of things that make games great and it’s sometimes hard to describe why a game is very good but that’s the fun part of reviewing titles. In contrast to other reviewers out there, I don’t use a rating or score system. I simply recommend or don’t recommend titles.

Apart from that, I also produce content on YouTube, though sporadically, and I stream on Twitch. While YouTube is just an extension of the blog, Twitch is a whole different thing where I essentially am trying to build a safe space that is free of bigotry and toxicity. Hence, you may very much come and hang out or lurk over there in the Crypt while you do your thing or while we discuss different questions while we enjoy some games together.

Back to blogging…

Indietail is where I publish my reviews.
The Lookout Post is about upcoming games, previews, playtests, betas and just first impressions I guess.
The Gaming Journal is where I write about games I’ve been playing and gaming-related topics that aren’t necessarily Indie.
Humble Lich is the category where I post my opinions on the monthly Humble Choice.
Bleeding Purple is a category where I write about streaming on Twitch and my experience.
The Stray Sheep is where I write about all sorts of things from daily stuff to political stuff to other things.

Get in touch!

To get in touch with me simply reach out via my e-mail. I’d like to keep the e-mails professional so if it’s about the blog or streams, reach out over there. I won’t do console reviews, though, as I don’t own any.

Otherwise, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Discord, or just join my stream sometime!

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