Reviewing Shows?

I think I’ve only done two manga reviews and one movie review on here but I’ve never actually thought about how I’d tackle reviewing a show and it kind of intrigued me lately, so I may give it a go soon… But right from the get-go, I know that there will be a few different problems with it since not everything that I write about in games or manga is applicable to shows.

I mean, I’ll probably start with the premise of and inspiration for the show and kind of wing it from there. Music, stylistic devices, acting, and writing probably would be the main points. If a show’s using a lot of interesting stylistic devices like the camera positioning to enhance the performance of the actors, that would probably be something that I’d rate highly. Similarly, I think I’d have to talk about the plot in a more detailed manner without spoiling any major plot points – and that probably is the hardest thing about it.

Furthermore, there’s the question of whether or not I should review a whole series, just one season, or a single episode… and it really might depend on the show and length. I recently finished Lucifer and I find the last season to be a tad weak at times but the finale of it was a great end to a wonderful show, in my opinion. Similarly, I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) is a show based on the premise of Lois Duncan’s titular novel,… on which several slasher movies are based. The show essentially has this whole premise of a bunch of youths getting into an accident, killing a person, and trying to hide it instead of going to the police. A year later, a serial killer starts threatening them… and well, murder.

Both of these shows were fun but I wouldn’t say that they’re amazing. My issue here is, however, that I’d have to get into spoiler territory if I wanted to explain why the latter isn’t as satisfying or why certain elements weren’t pleasing or enjoyable at all… or why the last episode is incredibly boring. In Lucifer’s case, it’s a lot easier to name as I’m familiar with the plot devices used and the issues they cause but with the latter show it’s going to be a bit more difficult overall, I think.

And well, in the end, I’m still excited to try to review one of the two (most likely the latter) without spoiling the show or anything like that. There’s always the risk of getting spoiled, though, when you read a review, so I feel like I’ll probably still add a disclaimer to it at the beginning. It’s still going to be interesting though and I’m looking forward to that. What do you think?


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