Indiecator is Three Years Old now!

On July 15th 2019, I started this blog with the intent of talking about things and stuff and games and uh, here we are. It’s been three years and I’m quite happy with how it’s been going lately.

Of course, I want to write more reviews and talk about more things and not just ramble on. Lately, I’ve even tried outposts that take even more effort, although many of those discussions with more research and stuff haven’t been discussed at all by people, making me wonder whether if it was possibly too long or anything…

Oh well, still not my longest post.

Over the past three years, I published 810 posts on Indiecator (according to some of my stats here) which amassed 859 comments and nearly 50k total views. We’re getting there! For the past 565 Days (566 including this one), I’ve managed to post daily and I wanna continue the trend for as long as I can. It’s been fun!

In terms of categories and tags, I’ve published…

  • …156 Reviews (Indietail).
  • …122 Stray Sheep.
  • …232 posts about gaming in general (Gaming Journal).
  • …102 posts about achievements, it seems?
  • …97 posts about Risk of Rain 2 (I really love that game!).
  • …and many other posts, I guess!

Risk of Rain 2 and Achievements have been the most-used tags on here, apparently, which makes sense given how often I try to hunt for that 100% in games.

As for my most popular posts…

  1. My Review of Bumble BFF
  2. Indietail – Girl By The Sea
  3. Risk of Rain 2 – Mercenary Ethereal Achievement
  4. Twitch Etiquette – The Unwritten Rules
  5. Why I don’t play Valorant anymore
  6. Twitch Etiquette – “Trauma Dumping”
  7. Death’s Door is great, but…
  8. Forager – The Rise and Fall
  9. How to not promote your channel on Twitch!
  10. Indietail – Fall Guys

No numbers because I can’t be arsed to type them out again, after failing multiple times already. Don’t judge me.

Sadly, I didn’t seem to have written about my top 10 posts in terms of stats too often. During my One-Year Anniversary post, Fall Guys and my post on Raid Shadow Legends were the first two posts in terms of views. The “how to not promote your channel” post was ranked No. 6 – apart from that, no other posts from the top 10 from two years ago seem to still be in the top 10 today. Instead, other reviews made it in and my posts on Girl By the Sea and Bumble BFF seem to have become solid anchor posts, which is pretty nice!

My highlights this year are probably various interactions I had with other bloggers in private as well as on the Blaugust discord. On top of that, Massively OP featured my post on Lost Ark – back in May – which is pretty darn cool! Also, I was invited to a few developers’ “VIP” lounge at this year’s GamesCom to take a look at their game. What game, you may ask? Well, I’ll write about that in a few weeks / at the end of August!

Speaking of August,… Blaugust is around the corner and I’ll write about that tomorrow if the heat permits. Look forward to that and a new sort of challenge for this year’s Blaugust!

That side-note aside, I don’t really have too much to say. I got to learn a lot and improve the blog plenty over the past three years. I got to know plenty of great people, got to make some great friends, and had a blast hanging out with others on stream and in private. On top of that, I get to write posts for people on here and thus, I want to thank everyone who keeps reading this blog. I don’t know why you do but apparently, you do it. You rock!

I’ll see to it that I stick to blogging for as long as possible. I’ll have to also get back to publishing posts at the same time every day and maybe I’ll even work on a schedule with reviews on two days and rambly posts on other days or something… We’ll see. If you have any suggestions for projects or anything I could change/do differently, let me know!

Looking forward to another year of blogging. Thanks a lot.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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