Rock ‘n Roguelike Deckbuilder “Power Chord” takes the stage on January 26th!

Back in June of last year, I played a bunch of demos during June’s Steam Next Fest! One of them was the heavy-metal-inspired, Power Chord, and as I mentioned in my Highlights post over here, I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this game in particular!

For anyone unaware, Power Chord is a party-based Roguelike-Deckbuilder inspired by Roguelike-Deckbuilder giants like Slay the Spire and Banners of Ruin. After a tear in space caused demons to let loose in our world, it is upon us to assemble the new Knights of Thunder First and strike back!

Big Blue Bubble’s Power Chord is releasing on PC on January 26th – and I’m incredibly excited about it as it not only has an amazing soundtrack but it’s also incredibly in-depth with turn-based action that involves cards tailored to different classes.

You assemble a team consisting of a drummer, bassist, vocalist, and guitarist. Each has their one playstyle and makes up for the other’s weaknesses. Whereas the bassist makes use of toxic damage-over-time effects, the vocalist can support your team with heals and buffs, whereas the drummer adds armour into the mix to protect your team further.

“Rock music and its offspring have gifted fans with such incredible, emotive highs over the decades, and it’s constantly evolving to yield new joys,” said Jamie Boylan, Art Director, Big Blue Bubble. “In that same spirit, Power Chord evolves the roguelike deck builder with significantly more strategic options and complexity than its forebear while celebrating the visual legacy of rock, from demonic accessories to eye-catching album-cover visuals.”

Personally, I’m really excited about this release and can’t wait to play it myself. You can wishlist it now on Steam – or you can check out the game’s Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the official website for more information! The game’s giving an encore on the Switch in the future, too!

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