My Goals for Blaugust 2022

With Blaugust only being about ten days away, I wanted to address my goals and other things!

Note: If you’re thinking about participating as well, check out this post by Belghast! All the important information can be found over there, including the Discord Invite Link, the Sign-Up form, the Media Kit, and more!

For starters, I’ve been blogging daily for quite a while and that lead me to try to challenge myself further during Blaugust by doing something “a little extra” just to limit-test myself.

At one point, I did post more than once per day but I can’t seem to find it in my stats, weirdly, so I’m second-guessing my memory… Anyhow, I tried out having a schedule of sorts for posts last time and lowkey failed at that due to several reasons. This time around, I wanna keep it simple: Post as many reviews as possible.

I haven’t really written any reviews in a while – mostly because of a lack of time and motivation. I wanna change that and kinda “force” myself to do it. I mean, I enjoy writing reviews but the amount of time and effort needed per review is… Yeah.

Honestly, the backlog of games that need reviews is there and I need to work on it. At the same time, there’s #JustOnePercent and stuff as well, so we’d make progress towards that goal of playing/writing about 100 or even 120 Indie Games.

I think it’d be pretty rad to write 31 reviews in August although I doubt that it’d be possible for me. It would take a lot out of me to play a game for X amount of hours and to then sit down and write a review for another hour or so before eventually taking a break, editing the post in question, and then taking care of the layout and screenshots.

Speaking of layout, I also wanna try and keep paragraphs short and readable. As mentioned previously, my paragraphs are too long. Recently, I got some feedback on how I’ve been able to improve on it already. I took the advice and feedback I got to heart and figured I’d read up on a bunch of sources that talk about the science behind paragraph length.

For the most part, however, it’s just me trying to not squeeze twenty sentences into one paragraph. Some of them get kinda long but I try to not have too many four-line paragraphs in a row if that makes sense.

— and it works!

I mean, I guess that works? For now at least. I’ll have to work more on this and that’s another goal for Blaugust. Work on a way to keep review paragraphs somewhat short… without it feeling “odd” if that makes sense. I don’t know how to describe it but with reviews, I’m still very old school. The reviews I read have often very lengthy paragraphs, so I’ll have to experiment a little throughout this month… and with possibly 31 test subjects, I should be able to do just that quite well, I reckon!

Another thing I’m not too sure about is whether or not I’ll write posts on demos. I guess my “First Impressions” posts are essentially smaller reviews, so I don’t think it would make too much of a difference. I believe that I could possibly try and go a bit above and beyond by posting twice per day… now and then.

But again, this is all about limit-testing and seeing how much I can push myself to write a lot more Indie-related content. I’ll probably switch things up from time to time to talk about manga and anime that I really like. I feel as if that could work for my morale. Talking too much about games tires me out and hence, switching things up is pretty important to me.

So, uh, to sum it all up, for 2022’s Blaugust, I want to write as many reviews as possible + a few extra posts. The important bit is to be consistent in quality and to test my limits by doing so. On top of that, I want to pay attention to my paragraphs’ lengths and try to keep posts readable by normie standards. I’m the odd one after all, haha.

That aside, though, I also want to participate in the weekly prompts and talk about other things, so I may go for the occasional second post of the day on top of the daily posts… if time permits. I have exams to worry about, too, after all. At the end of August, the GamesCom is happening as well, though, so there may be a few posts with interviews happening by then as well. Depending on how much I get to prepare beforehand, we may get to those interview posts a lot later… or it’s just a second post of the day. I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and then there’s the community aspect as well. I wanted to host a DnD One-Shot at some point during the “Getting To Know You” Week… and I also want to read plenty of posts… and I also want to write about other people’s blogs and talk about posts I enjoyed reading – again… if time permits it. Exams and stuff take priority above everything, after all.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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