I changed some stuff!

So, a while ago, I noticed how horribly inaccessible my blog is when viewed on mobile… I spent some time, trying to improve things but I didn’t quite get to the result I wanted, mostly because my theme is making it a bit difficult.

Anyway, so, the changes I made are as follows: I added a category list to the side menu. When you scroll down on mobile, the side menu appears over there as well, so that should make navigation a bit easier, possibly.

Apart from that, I changed a few minor things in the side menu to be positioned near the end instead of all the way up. So, the WP follow button is now near the bottom. The “Awards”/Badges from events are also displayed at the bottom.

From the top of the side menu, you can now find the search bar, social media stuff, a list of categories, the post archive… meaning that you can now essentially navigate the posts in three different ways (search all for X, posts by category, and search by time). At the same time, the menu at the top is still accessible, so you can still use that on mobile.

The blog roll is now a bit closer to the top. I’m not sure if anyone noticed it or anything. It’s also not a proper blog roll like the one that Blogger/Blogspot/Google has but hey, it’s the best I could do at the moment with my limited knowledge. Go check out those people!

And well, I also edited these three pages:

So, previously, all three of these pages were incredibly cluttered and hard to read. Some of the paragraphs were super long. Others were full of sentences or information that didn’t really need to be in there.

I ended up shortening most of those sections… and then there was suddenly little to nothing there. Oops!

Anyway, the “About” section of this blog is now less about me and more about the blog if that makes sense. I felt that some of the stuff I wrote there felt pretentious or strange, so I wanted to edit/remove it for quite a while now. Should be better now!

The Twitch section is what my Twitch channel‘s “Rules” panel links to. It’s more about values and stuff, so I basically just added a bit of information regarding my streams to that page and made it a bit more visually appealing (in comparison to the previous rules page).

As for the music page, it’s the page that my “Tunes” panel links to – over on my Twitch channel. It’s about music I use and I basically reorganized the order of the music I use, added a bit of information to some of it, and then, I added the stuff about Edward Ray’s work to the top of the page since he made music for my stream… That section is then followed by links to his website and socials. I hope that that helps him out.

So, overall, this is really just a small improvement to reduce visual clutter and make stuff easier to navigate. You can click on the “About” section or hold over it to get to the Twitch stuff. I figured that might not be too easy to understand, which is why I added links to the Twitch stuff to the About section as well.

All in all, I’m happy with this, although I’m not sure how much others will like it. This is where you come in! What do you think about these changes? Got any feedback or suggestions for me?

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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