TSS#43 – Love, Death, The Witcher and Robots

I’m currently at my parents’ and with my siblings at school and my parents at work, I’ve got my sister’s Netflix-Account all to myself, resulting in me trying to get into the Witcher again… and…

I don’t seem to be particularly fond of it. I can’t seem to get warm with it but… don’t hate me. I don’t completely hate the franchise. I just hate the show! And the first game! And I haven’t played the second one yet but I enjoyed a bit of the third game and never touched the books, so I can’t hate on those yet.

I just feel like the pacing is just not right for me. The story-telling is doing stuff that I don’t like, like starting with a fight against some Monster that didn’t seem close nor overwhelming, it was just a bit… boring, in my opinion. And then they’re drinking and we get to know how everybody hates the Witcher.. and then everybody wants to fight Geralt but it ends well and then there’s a kid and the wizard and Uhm… I fell asleep at that point. Instead of watching the show in the evening, I then decided to watch it in the morning and suddenly… Uhm… I fell asleep again.

I guess the pacing isn’t for me. It may not be the ideal “morning show” or the ideal “wind-down show” but more of a “play the games, read the books, fantasize about Geralt in your wildest dreams and then love the show”-show. It’s not for me. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s for Witcher-fans and people that like the world, the characters and the franchise. It’s not for me, so I guess I don’t have to try to like it either.

Instead, I watched Love, Death + Robots. And I liked it.
It’s a lot shorter and episodic and honestly, I don’t know what to say about it apart from it being awesome.

I guess, I need the humor and I need a certain edge. I need to be fascinated by a world and like it from the beginning, even when I don’t know much about it. I mean, sure, I love reading Sci-Fi-stuff but I doubt that the genre is really the reason why I prefer this show over the Witcher. After all, I liked HBO’s Game of Thrones more than The Witcher (or rather… I liked the six seasons that I watched so far a lot and haven’t watched any of the other seasons, yet, but I’m sure I’ll like them more than The Witcher’s first season).

Essentially, I just found out about Love, Death & Robots a while ago and always wanted to watch it but didn’t get the chance to… and now I sat down with it and am completely in love with it. The show is episodic, being an anthology and all of that. The whole premise of the show is that there are these 18 episodes that all work on their own and that have something to do with the three topics found in the title.

The first episode, “Sonnie’s Edge”, is just… cool. I liked the hardboiled-ness of the characters in the beginning and the overlaying backstory of Sonnie who has been raped and sliced up by a gang of men and is now fighting in the pits to find the thrill of life again, as well as the dystopian setting and the fighting scenes themselves. Afterward, the episode features Love and… robots? I just liked it. There’s a bit of a philosophical theme here and Uhm… I might turn that into a post itself after I thought more about it and after I read other (famous) opinions on the matter of artificial intelligence, what makes a human a human and what it means to be alive. It’s interesting and intriguing. The story shifts around and it honestly surprised me… but it didn’t disappoint me at all. I liked the plot twists and right after the first episode was over, I watched it again for a second and a third time before eventually watching the second episode, “Three Robots”.

The second episode features three robots that try to learn about humans, long after the humans’ fall. They don’t know much about humans, and yet behave very human-like and very touristy. They then discuss several matters like how the humans were created and other matters. In the end, they make a discovery and learn about their own past and… it’s just great. Since the episodes are anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes long, I don’t really want to spoiler too much.

Each episode can stand on its own and feature a different topic, setting, different lighting and music as well as a different tone in general. The same way the first episode was dark and badass, the second one can be light-hearted and humorous while the third episode is rather dark and thrilling. I really liked this as no episode was like the other and as I didn’t really feel bored at all during the show, so far. The pacing is just right and the show is changing up the music, animation, the style, the lighting and everything in every episode. Apparently, there has been a different team involved in every episode.

And at this note… the third episode ended and was just thrilling, exciting and featured a very interesting plot twist at the end of it… But before I’ll ramble more about how much I love the show, I thought I’d wrap up this post here and think about how many cat pictures I’ll put into this.

Anyways, I wish you all a nice day and I really hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be back home again by tomorrow, so I’ll be able to stream again and play more video games and essentially live by myself again from there on, so reviews and other posts might be different by then. I will also be able to finish up the drafts for the different MonHunLogs and overall, prepare for the new semester to arrive. It’s going to be a bit stressful soon, so I’m not too sure about how much I’ll be posting and streaming, but I’ll surely find a way.


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