Happy Pride Month! – Charity Campaign incoming!

First of all, it’s June… and that means, it’s Pride Month! This is the second pride month since I came out as bi to my partner and a few friends as well as people online, and honestly, it’s been nice to be able to talk openly about all sorts of things relating to that, especially with how things have been so far and how much I had to hide it in the past when I still lived at my parents’ and when you could get beaten up over that stuff in my school days. Either way, I hope that you over there are having a nice time in June with the weather finally getting nicer and so on. Even if you’re not a member “but just” an ally, I wish you a happy Pride Month, still, because it’s great to celebrate together.

And even if you’re still in the closet, you can still celebrate it and support marginalized creators, enjoy all the marketing stuff by companies and watch fun events on Twitch. I will review a bunch of different LGBTQIA+ themed games or games with queer characters, messages, etc. on the blog during June… on top of other games… and it’s gonna be great. I’m really looking forward to that. More importantly, though, I’ll stream a lot on Twitch (as per usual) around 10 am CEST on my channel and we’re raising money for charity actually. I’ve done this in the past already and we raised about a hundred dollars on average across two streams, once for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention and once for The Trevor Project. This time around I actually had to hastily put things together since I didn’t have much time to plan it out, especially as I wasn’t sure if I could really do a Charity Campaign during June while Covid is still affecting things in everyone’s lives… but then I realised that it doesn’t matter how much you raise or how much everyone gives, as long as we’re able to raise anything at all. It’s for charity after all and no matter how much we get together, it will help someone.

This time around I called it the “Undead Charity Campaign” and we’re supporting The Trevor Project again because they do excellent work at crisis intervention and confidential suicide prevention programs on platforms where young people spend their time. They run a 24/7 phone lifeline, chat, and text, and they also run TrevorSpace, the world’s largest safe space social networking site for LGBTQ youth, on top of also operating education, research, and advocacy programs. Essentially, it’s the right choice to support them, in my opinion, which is why I’ve created this campaign in support of them, again. 

But I’m not alone in this as my stream team, Team Mistakes, is also raising funds together across multiple streams and we’re working together to raise more but I probably should’ve planned things out sooner… Yeah, “Mistakes were made” is quite on brand. If people had had earlier notice, they could’ve prepared stuff faster and because of that it’s still not certain who’s joining and who isn’t but it’s there and even if I’m in this alone or with just one or two other members, it’s totally fine as I just should’ve put more thoughts into this at an earlier date. Either way, what’s important is that we’re actually running the campaign right now and I’ve had some fun incentives planned for the streams in June!

For starters, you’ll be able to donate money to the campaign and support the Trevor Project and at the end of your donation, you can vote on a poll for the next game that I’ll play after June, which is quite cool. Based on the donation amount, you can also redeem an emote drawing by me or a recorded voice line/passage that I’ll send to you… and at certain milestones throughout the campaign, we’ll give away games on my stream to a random viewer that enters the raffle, which is quite exciting as I’ll be able to share my passion with others while also getting rid of some of these amazing titles that I got through Humble Choice that I already owned.

Overall, I’m really excited about all of this and if you want to hang out, lurk or chat during my streams feel free to do so as it also supports the stream and the campaign. Donating works until the end of the month and you can do so at any time, really. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and I’d love it if any of y’all could stop by and help out. The campaign itself runs through Tiltify which is a website that essentially lets you organise these campaigns and when people donate the money, it goes directly to the charity campaign, with no risks involved really. A receipt will be sent to your e-mail account. Again, you can find the campaign right here or donate via this link. I ask you, however, to only donate if you want to and if you can really afford it. Make sure to take care of yourself first and worry about everything else later. You matter the most and it’s a chaotic world that we live in, so don’t worry too much. If you do decide to donate, you don’t even have to worry about the amount as any amount is already a great help in the fight for equality and rights.

Either way, that’s it for the post. Hope you enjoyed this one! Take care and stay safe.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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