Maybe I’ll actually use Mastodon and Tumblr instead of Twitter

Short post, I’m constantly tired. Sorry.

Musk-era Twitter is weird and I have a lot to say about this but I can’t seem to be able to actually write two sentences about Musk and Twitter without sprinkling in facts about his harassment and bad treatment of employees and the fact that he isn’t a self-made billionaire or anything.

I just can’t. I’ll talk about free speech at some point but after two sentences, I’ll probably also mention how workers are segregated by colour at Tesla. Yeah, that’s fucked up.

I would then talk about misinformation and how “more free speech” means “less free speech” but then I’d also mention how Musk is known for attacking journalists and sending his cultists over to harass them…

It’s a struggle. I’m not gonna post about that. I actually wrote a post about how Elon Musk died – which according to him isn’t “fake news”. It’s just (insert sparkles) “freedom of speech” (insert sparkles).

You know how it is… Add “I’m not a racist but” to the front of your sentence, and anything you say won’t get you fired or cancelled. Also, add “in my opinion” or “one could argue” to anything you say, and you won’t sound like a huge prick. And then, maybe, Idk, add “it’s just a joke” after your antisemitic remarks when nobody laughs about it… and you’ll be fine. You’ll still get invited to that wedding, Jim. Don’t worry.

So, yeah, with Twitter probably turning into more of a cesspool than it already is,… at one point or another in the Musk Era… I may actually use Mastodon and Tumblr for the blog and stuff.

Tumblr has the benefit that I already own an account that is basically publishing my posts whenever I hit “publish”. I get some views from there which is nice but it also is quite the great platform for Indie Devs as Indie Devs can just create a dev blog on there quite easily, so naturally, I can follow people I like, follow along with the development, and see how stuff is coming along. Definitely something I’d like to write about in the future! It’s a shame that there isn’t any more porn on Tumblr but it’s a good platform that I’ll have to look into for social media purposes.

And Mastodon is… basically Twitter… but apparently safer and better? I’m still not quite sure how to feel about it. To put it in Belghast’s words from Discord:

“Each instance is like a building and that building has many rooms that people occupy. They can visit anyone in the same building or travel out on the roads (federation) to visit other people in other buildings. If they ever decide they are tired of living in a given room within a building, they can move to a different room in another building.”

My mixed feelings come in when I hear technical terms like “instance”, “server”, “federation” and whatever. I get confused about that stuff and it probably isn’t too complicated or anything but hearing words with too many syllables just makes me not want to get into it right away.

But the way Belghast put it made me understand what’s so interesting about Mastodon… but at the moment, I don’t know how to create an account… or rather, where to create an account. I can create one on any server but and for games, I have only three options (French, German and Chinese (?)), so I’m not sure where to host this blog… I guess.

Either way, I may try and use Tumblr more once I have social media sorted out. Once Twitter is gone (the only social platform apart from Discord that I use), I may have the free time necessary to use Instagram effectively… or Tumblr or Mastodon or Telegram or whatever. It’s gonna be interesting.

Uh, Bel has a few lovely posts on Mastodon stuff, so I’d recommend checking those out!

At the moment, it appears to be the most valid alternative to Twitter. Does the same thing sorta better? But I’m kinda confused about the account setup.

And Tumblr is great but ever since they banned porn, the userbase is not what it used to be. Here’s my Tumblr Page btw!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

6 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll actually use Mastodon and Tumblr instead of Twitter

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  1. From what I’ve read Mastodon sounds a lot like Reddit, and that…is not a favourable comparison. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing personally, but I at least know I’ll always have a line to you here and via discord. 😀

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    1. Yeah, I’ll probably make a post about Discord, too, for anyone that wants to stay in touch.

      I think the difference of Reddit and Mastodon is that you can create a Fascist Subreddit on Reddit – but if there was a Fascist Instance on the Fediverse, all other instances would block traffic between the instances meaning that they’re blocked and basically shadowbanned.

      So that is cool? I think?

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      1. Yeah, but the biggest problem I have with Reddit is that you effectively get shadow banned for having a differing opinion from the hivemind. I’m not even talking politics here – if you like a game Reddit has collectively decided to hate then you get buried, and vice versa. It’s just so…so dumb. And as someone who regularly has “controversial” opinions on popular titles, you can understand why I’m not really a fan of people immediately throwing their arms up, and telling me to leave the moment I don’t agree with everything they say.

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  2. I’m staying on Twitter. Will I create a personal account and pay the $7.99 a month? I don’t know. I remember being told years ago, this is our space now, if you don’t like it go find someplace else. There are a lot of other choices you can make. All of them have the same types of people. So it comes down to, do you stay and work to make it a better place equal to all, or do you go and find someplace else surrounded by people who only share your view. I will tolerate a certain level of views other than my own. I will brush off most insults and personal attacks. But eventually even the most tolerant person reaches a point where they just walk away without a word. I follow a lot of bloggers and topics like this tend to shine a bright light on how some really feel about others. It’s their opinion, their views, their blog. I don’t need to follow or belong because they are “somebody”.

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    1. Oh, I just may get suspended for not being a Lich IRL.

      Jokes aside, I’ll still use Twitter but it’d be good to have alternative ways of reaching me if Twitter stopped being a thing. At this rate, that may happen relatively soon…

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