Another Stray Sheep about my Health!

I’m tired. Lately, I wasn’t really able to get much good sleep… emphasis on good. I’ve been sleeping enough but I just haven’t been able to get quality sleep, which sucks as I’m incredibly tired. In the process, this post is also quite late and I just feel drained. Furthermore, I still don’t know what’s causing my headaches as I haven’t received my cholesterol test results just yet due to my internal specialist being on vacation right now but, worst case, I’ll find out on the 8th of December… or I’ll be able to reach them in the next few days via the telephone.

A few days ago, I managed to get in touch with a friend and hang out with him but after I mentioned the “turning blind” issue as well as the headaches and migraines and whatnot, he got super worried, as he’s a surgeon’s helper and stuff… and he knows a lot about medicine and migraines in particular. According to him, my headache could have to do with my Scheuermann’s disease… and I’m not 100% sure if my internal specialist knows that I have it. I thought he did but maybe not? Apparently, I’m way too young for what the internal specialist is trying to find out via the upcoming tests… I’ll also need to get an appointment at a neurologist, just in case, or he won’t let me be, so there’s that.

What’s annoying about that is that I know that you’re not supposed to diagnose the people close to you even if you are able to do that. He’s closer to an actual doctor than to a nurse or helper but since he’s attached to people close to him, his opinions can be biased. A doctor I used to go to didn’t get his own diagnosis either because of exactly that… and he died of the same thing he diagnosed my old boss with…

Long story short, I can’t wait for things to be over and I just hope that my sleep issue is just a temporary thing and not a related issue. Furthermore, quitting the smokes is still quite hard on me, even though I’m trying to distract myself accordingly. Liquorice-flavoured hard candy can distract me somewhat but it’s not exactly the same. Similarly, tea, coffee, alcohol and food are also just temporary solutions and while I was thinking of maybe getting a nicotine-free vape, I’m too broke to afford one right now. I’ll have to try other things out to work as pastimes to fill in the void. It’s weird.

All in all, I’m good, though. It’s been a while since my last smoke and it’s just a tad hard on me but I can manage somehow. The sleep issue is my biggest problem as my headaches are lately only ranging from about 2 to 5 on the pain scale instead of the usual 4 to 7. Also, I’ll have to check in with my doctor and see when I’ll be able to get the booster shot. I’m not scared of covid, really, but I don’t want to catch it by accident and contract it to others by accident. I’ve been told that even with both vaccinations, I could still get it and contract it over the next three days, so I really want to prevent that if possible. Hence, just a little bit of an update. As always, the biggest pain is not knowing what it is and worrying about potential things that it could be. It’s huge pain in the butt – in a metaphorical sense.


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