Something-something time management

Time Management is rough hence today’s post is shorter.

Essentially, the university has been keeping me busy, especially because I’m falling behind on certain classes due to the fact that our professor sucks. It’s not that this particular professor doesn’t know his stuff… He’s very knowledgeable… It’s more his teaching style that bothers me and many others, really. I mean, he knows what he’s talking about, he just doesn’t know how to teach it… and that’s bad.

On top of being late to classes, this professor is very bad at actually explaining what he’s talking about, meaning that most of the time, I have to essentially just study at home and hope I understand it by the next week… which is rough for the syntax class. There is another course I’ll have to take later that usually is empty when this professor teaches it, simply due to the fact that he sucks at teaching “contrastive grammar”. He’s late, so he starts the class late… then he takes his time “explaining” things. Then he’s out of time and proceeds to go into overtime cutting into other classes’ time… and then he hurries up and doesn’t manage to get through all of the stuff that he wanted to get through, which is a bummer as it’s in theory quite interesting but I simply can’t just learn it by the book. I’ll have to maybe get some help from other students.

Either way, that sucks, but otherwise, it’s also hard for me to plan my day-to-day lately due to my busy schedule. Even these posts are getting quite late most of the time as I also got extra-curricular activities that I wanted to participate in. Some of those have to make way for university. Streaming and Blogging tend to make way for university, too. Friendships also tend to do that. There’s a pattern, essentially, and I’m not too happy about that as I wanna make friends and take care of my relationships more.

Essentially, it’s just one big struggle, but I’m sure I’ll manage somehow, once I sit down and take care of these studies this weekend, bringing everything on track again, so that I have some more breathing space starting next week.

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  1. Do try to take care of yourselves. I experienced a very bad case of burnout my second year that nearly blew up my life and sent me into a very bad health crisis. I’d hate to see that happen to you.

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    1. Oh, I will. This semester is just a bit rougher and some lecturers don’t make it necessarily easier on me. Thanks for the kind words and the words of warning, Ever! Appreciate ya!
      In regards to streams and reviews and stuff, I tend to take a step back when I don’t feel like I’m writing because I “want to” but rather because of some sense of obligation. So, when I notice that I’m forcing myself to write, I usually just end up rolling with a draft I wrote but didn’t publish. Got a few more that are only half a year old and may have still aged well. haha.

      But jokes aside, breathing is important and taking a step back and taking breaks and taking care of myself and all of that is necessary. I need to do that more for sure. This semester is just shorter on top of being a bit more full than usual.


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